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There’s a Scientific Reason You Crave Sriracha and Doritos

Don’t feel guilty the next time you polish off a bag of Doritos. (We’ve been there.) We thought it was just our penchant for salty snacks, but it turns out our brains actually have an innate predisposition for foods that are red.

New research by the International School of Advanced Studies suggests that our penchant for naturally red foods (like peppers, tomatoes and strawberries) traces back to ancestral hunting-and-gathering instincts. Red is a color code that indicated to our ancestors that a food was both nutritious and higher in calories than something green, like salad. And let's be honest: How often does a salad full of kale and spinach ever fill us up?

According to the study, vision is the foremost sense humans use when it comes to food choices—and red coloring indicates higher caloric value. So add an extra squeeze of Sriracha to your eggs. It’s genetic.

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