The average person spends six years of her life dreaming. Whoa. And unless you know how to control your dreams, a number of those are probably recurring. You know, that one where you’re giving a presentation and you’re naked and Tommy Renato won’t stop staring at you? What’s that all about? Here are the supposed meanings behind nine common dreams.

dreams naked

You're naked

Might mean: Nakedness represents vulnerability, and dreams in which nudity is the main theme are most common during times of major life change, like when you start a new job or move in with a guy.

dreams chased

You're being chased

Might mean: Oh hey, avoider. Being chased in your dreams means that you’re probably not dealing with something you should definitely be dealing with. The avoidance causes stress, which translates to feeling like someone is hot on your trail.

dreams falling

You're falling

Might mean: This is probably one of two things: Either you’re feeling out of control or overwhelmed by something, or you’re hanging on too tightly to something that you should let go of or drop.

dreams flying

You're flying

Might mean: The opposite of falling, this signifies that you feel free and unburdened. Everything’s going your way, champ.

dreams water

You're in the ocean

Might mean: Water represents emotions, and can be a positive or negative symbol in dreams. If the water is clear, you likely manage your emotions well. Murky water, on the other hand, could signify that you’re not so great at dealing with feelings.

dreams time

You're late to an important meeting

Might mean: Slow down, friend. Consistently being late in your dreams means you’ve got too much on your plate and are having a hard time juggling all your responsibilities and commitments. This probably means it’s time to scale back a bit.

dreams test

You're unprepared for a test

Might mean: The dreaded test dream. This guy often denotes anxiety about a recent or upcoming change, as well as stress over having too much responsibility. It can also be a reminder to put more energy into making sure you’re really happy and not just going through the motions.

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dreams teeth

Your teeth are falling out

Might mean: Yikes. Teeth symbolize how confident you feel, so if they’re falling out, you might be doubting yourself or feeling self-conscious about that haircut you’re sort of regretting.

dreams celeb1

You're hanging out with a celebrity

Might mean: That one where you go shopping with Sarah Jessica Parker? That speaks to your character, and means that your values either mimic those of the person in your dream, or you strive to be just like them.

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