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What the Heck Is Sound Therapy and Should I Try It?
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Lately we’ve been hearing a lot about sound therapy, especially gong baths. So we asked Elizabeth Meador, owner of West Loop purveyor Anatomy Redefined to explain just what sound healing is and where we can try it out around the city. Here’s what we found out.

What exactly is sound therapy? In a general sense, it’s the use of sound or music to get the body to activate its own innate healing abilities by helping you to deeply relax and de-stress. In our very busy and stressed-out modern lives, we can all benefit from slowing down. We’re so used to having something to focus on (phones, computers, etc.), so silent meditation can be challenging. Sound keeps the mind occupied, allowing you to enter deep states of meditation with greater ease.

Why is sound key? It's believed that the vibrations of sound help lift or correct your body’s unique, internal vibration when it gets off (whether that’s due to illness or stress).

So what’s a session like? In a typical gong bath, you, and others in the class, might lay still with blankets and pillows while a guide plays the gong, creating a deeply resonant soundscape for 90 or so minutes.

Naps plus music? We’re in. Where can we do it in the city? Beyond Anatomy Redefined, you can find sound therapy, including gong baths, at yoga studios such as Yoga Now, Zen Yoga Garage and Yogaview. Before you know it, you’ll be organizing a gong bath crawl. 

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