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If you’re worried about getting sun damage and want to prevent premature aging (um, so, all of us), one of the best things you can do is wear sunscreen. Rain or shine, 365 days of the year. No exceptions.

And sure, there might be some SPF in your moisturizer or foundation, but it’s not always enough to protect you against harmful UV rays—especially when you’re spending the day outdoors, in which case, you’ll need to reapply every few hours.

The problem with reapplying sunscreen over your makeup is that there really is no way to do it without messing up whatever you already have on. So most of us don’t bother (and end up with a lobster face situation).

That’s why we were excited to find out about powder sunscreen.

What is it exactly? Most powdered sunscreens are made up of a mix of zinc and titanium dioxides (the main ingredients typically found in mineral sunscreens), but instead of being put into a liquid or cream base, they come in micronized powder form.

How do I use it? Swivel up the built-in brush head and sweep the powder liberally onto your bare face or after you put on your makeup. Reapply whenever you need it throughout the day.

So does it really work? We tested some out during a rooftop yoga class on a super-sunny day recently and had zero redness or burning afterward. (Plus, it made our T-zone a little less shiny.)

The only caveat is that while these powders are perfect for your face and neck, we suggest sticking to a sunscreen lotion for the rest of your body, as it’s hard to get full coverage over larger areas using a small brush. Otherwise, they're a godsend for pool days and long outdoor lunches on summer Fridays.

Try it: Supergoop! ($30); Ilia ($34); Colorescience ($64)

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