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Yikes, the average American watches five hours of TV a day. It’s hard to believe, but the folks at Nielsen don’t lie. So just for fun (just kidding, it was torture), we gave up TV for a week. Here’s what might happen if you give up your habit cold turkey. 

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stop tv laptop

At First, You’ll Have No Idea What to Do With Yourself

“Should I check my email again? Maybe I got a text message. Maybe now I got a text message. Has anyone posted anything on Instagram in the last 45 seconds? No? I wonder if there’s a new House Hunters on. Wait. No, I don’t. I don’t wonder that.”

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stop tv friends date

...And You Might Feel Left Out of Conversations

You’d think going out for drinks with your friends would be a good way to avoid TV, but then everyone starts swapping Game of Thrones theories and, suddenly, you’re totally out of the loop. There’s no way to sugarcoat it: This sucks. But trust us, it gets better…

stop tv knitting

But Then You’ll Realize How Much Extra Time You Have

With five extra hours in the day, think of all the stuff you can accomplish. You could finally learn to knit. Or finish painting the spare bedroom. Or take a spin class. Or plan a vacation to Hawaii. When you cut back on Friends reruns, the options are endless. (Sorry, Chandler.)

stop tv girl watching tv

You Might Be Tempted to Cheat

OK, you said you were giving up TV. But then you heard this Black Mirror episode was really great, and it wouldn’t hurt just to pop on Netflix and watch it for a few minutes, would it? It’s your choice, but maybe take some time to reflect on how much power TV has over you.

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But You’ll Read So Many Books

You know all those novels hanging out on your bookshelf that for one reason or another (*cough* Westworld), you never get around to reading? Seize the day, people. The time is now. You might finally finish Infinite Jest. (Or at least make a dent in The Rosie Project.)

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stop tv stretch yofa
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You Might Sleep Better

Watching a half hour of TV to unwind before bed might seem harmless, but the National Sleep Foundation warns it could mess with your sleep quality. The blue light emitted by TVs and computers suppresses melatonin in your body, which might make you feel wired and upset your sleep/wake cycle. Read the new issue of The New Yorker before bed instead. You’ll be out in ten minutes.

stop tv pottery

You Might Pick Up a New Hobby

Instead of coming home from work and plopping yourself in front of the TV, sign up for a pottery class. Or a yoga intensive. Or a hiking club. You’ll be so busy pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, you’ll barely even remember that you missed the most recent episode of The Walking Dead. (Or hey, if not, fake it 'til you make it.)

stop tv cheers drinks

...And Make New Friends

If your circle spends most of happy hour talking about what happened on The Bachelor, expand your group and find friends that talk about other topics. Like all those books you just read.

stop tv perfect balance
franckreporter/Getty Images

Eventually, You’ll Strike the Perfect Balance

Once you’ve successfully kicked your TV addiction for a week (nice work!), pick a few shows a week you’d love to watch and slowly add them back into your schedule. This way, you can distinguish the shows you watch because you actually like them and the shows you watch just because they’re on. Mindful TV watching. It’s the best. 

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