6 Editors on What They Always Pack in Their Gym Bag

We all know workout essentials, like headphones, sneakers and clothes, always have a secure spot in your gym bag, but what about the outliers? These are the things that could really make or break your gym flow. We tapped six editors to see what they always toss in their bag and why it’s beneficial to their routine. Write these down.

hidden running socks

Extra Socks

“My gym bag checklist is surprisingly short—sports bra, leggings, sneakers, deodorant—but one day, maybe four years ago, I just assumed my socks were tucked into my sneakers. Turns out they weren’t. I ended up having to cut my workout short because I was getting insane blisters and ever since then I’ve always kept an extra pair in my bag. (And a few blister bandages too.) —Abby, associate editor

v8 yoga mat
Skitti/Getty Images

Grab-and-go Snacks

“Admittedly, I’m picky when it comes to snacking—bananas have to be that perfect amount of ripeness (not too mention they aren’t great for stashing) and most bars are packed with sugar. As an alternative, a friend recently told me to try V8 vegetable juice. One 5.5-ounce can is great for holding me over late-morning or early-evening (depending on when I decided to workout that day). Bonus: One can has a full serving of vegetables and its on-the-go size takes up virtually no room in my bag.”  —Rachel, associate managing editor

jouer tinted moisturizer

Lightweight Makeup

“Tinted moisturizer is never not in my gym bag. My face is usually a little bit red after a workout and this is great for covering up blotchy areas. I like to use the matte version since I’m already getting a ‘healthy glow’ from class (and we all know that by ‘healthy glow’ I really mean sweat).” —Cristina, senior editor

weightlifting belt

Weightlifting Belt

“I bring a back belt because it helps me maintain good form for all the different types of exercise movements I do on a daily basis. Core work, deadlifts and calisthenics are all made easier by having proper form and lumbar support. Plus, it fits easily under my clothes so no one even knows I’m wearing it.” —Corley, executive assistant and editorial coordinator

recess deodorant wipes

Deodorant Wipes

“I have these little wipes stashed everywhere (gym bag, purse, desk) since they’re super travel-friendly. They help me feel refreshed after a long day or an intense workout session and—bonus—they have that out-of-the-shower smell.” —Roberta, news editor


Reliable Hair Ties

“Once you replace your stretched-to-oblivion black hair ties with these hair coils from Invisibobble, you'll never go back. Their accordion construction means no dents in your ponytail and they actually stay in place. The perfect gym accessory.” —Madison, editorial assistant

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