What 2020 Means for Leo

what 2020 means for leo

While each sign has their own personal 2020 journey to embark on, the year will pose a lot of challenges for Leos, but also amazing opportunities for growth. This will be a year of expanded inner knowledge as Leos learn to handle responsibility and accept reality. While this may sound scary, the next 365 days will also bring luck, joy and optimism for Leos who are willing to stick it out and learn from mistakes.

Love: This year, Leo, you will face challenges as people who do not appreciate or value you the way you need may try to elbow their way into your life. Don’t let them. Avoid searching for long-term commitments until after the spring, and late summer should have your love life back on track and better than ever.n track and better than ever.

Money: The first nine months of 2020 will present an interesting financial opportunity for Leos, but you should proceed with caution. Use a late-summer boon to your bank account as an opportunity to get your affairs in order. The area most worth investing in this year is your home environment.

Career: This year may bring you challenges in a leadership role, but if you use this time of testing as a learning experience, you’ll win big. Don’t let increased responsibilities turn you into a tyrannical boss. Remember to be someone you’d want to work for.

Health & Wellness: Health and wellness will be another area of difficulty for Leos this year. You could face a health challenge that will put your current health and wellness routines into perspective. This is a year to get serious about following the doctor’s orders and will be instrumental in developing healthy routines for years to come.

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