Your Weekly Horoscopes: September 29 to October 5, 2019

Big changes are happening at home. You moved into your own apartment without roommates or that long coveted bedroom set is finally yours. Everything is paid for, but can you actually afford it? Don’t let the delight of upgrading your life get overshadowed by the stress of sustaining it. On the 3rd, block off some time to pore over your budget and face some ugly truths. Once everything is exposed, the next steps will be clear. You’re in better shape than you think.

Though you are very rightfully focusing on your rest, a digital detox or literally vacationing off the grid, something close to your heart forces you to come out of your cave this week. Whether it’s needing to speak up in an argument with your sister, a program at the local library that won’t happen without your input or an old friend desperately seeking advice, take a moment to participate around the 3rd. What you have to add to the conversation (or the feud) is invaluable.

Though you are very excited about heading back to school, exploring a new career path or maybe just the calorie-tracking app you’ve been using, listen to your friend when she—albeit playfully—challenges your choices over dinner this week. Her input shouldn’t discourage you from moving forward with the decision (or the keto diet) but let her questions marinate. On the 3rd, make some time to journal and daydream to get even clearer about your plans for the future.

It’s such a blessing that things are going so well professionally right now. Your boss is laughing at your jokes, your clients are satisfied with your progress and your favorite coworker bakes bread for everyone on Mondays. That’s why it’s particularly frustrating that you hate all of your “work-appropriate” clothes. On the 2nd, allow yourself to splurge on that sleek suit you’ve been eyeing since the spring. Don’t you want to feel as polished as that perfectly crafted email?

This week, you find yourself very frustrated by something very out of your control. Whether it’s a petty influencer brawl on social media, rumors of corporate upheaval at work or the Wi-Fi glitching out at the coffee shop where you freelance, it’s happened before and will happen again. Relief comes only with patience. Instead of joining in with everyone’s sighs and complaints, be the voice of reason. You are entering a season in which what you say really does matter.

It’s time for you to branch out socially, dear Pisces. That networking event you’ve put on your GCal every week since April but always find an excuse to skip? Get to it this week. Yes, it means you have to pass on your monthly check-in with the ladies from your freshman dorm. But aren’t you tired of hearing their same stories anyway? You have so many fresh ideas that need to be shared. Don’t get stuck in the past.

Though your boo was super sweet when you got that big promotion at work earlier this month—buying you flowers, gushing about you on his Instagram story—that doesn’t excuse the fact that while you’re busier than ever, he hasn’t picked up the slack at home. On the 3rd, you may find yourself in a heated argument over dirty dishes in the sink or laundry left unfolded. Though tears might be shed, you’ll walk away with clearer expectations of your shared responsibilities.

Whether it’s missing the application deadline for your ideal grad program or being outbid on your dream country house, a bubble is burst on the 2nd. You are allowed to mourn this loss, and you should, but don’t sulk alone. Let your BFF take you out for an extravagant meal and hash out all the details together. Hopefully, this reminds you why you wanted this in the first place. By the end of the week, you’re ready to get back to work toward your big-picture goal.

On the 2nd, you are ready to commit to something huge. And whether it’s a deposit for your wedding venue or a broker payment for moving in with your boyfriend, you aren’t taking the plunge alone. If your stomach is doing backflips, lessen the anxiety by finding pleasure in small details as you move forward. Make a dream playlist for the reception or buy a rug for the new digs at a quirky consignment store. Remember: This is a worthwhile investment.

A relationship that has been on the rocks since the spring finally dissolves this week. It’s time to let go of your toxic “best” friend, that guy who can never keep a date or a business partner who isn’t pulling her weight. Cutting off contact completely might seem harsh but the sense of relief that comes with it is worth the pain—now your mind and your heart have so much more space for positive ventures. Celebrate your freedom from what was dragging you down on the 3rd. Take yourself on a date.

It’s a fact that you can make almost anything look fabulous, Leo. This is tested on the 2nd as a deluge of decidedly unglamorous life admin must be handled gracefully. Wear your favorite outfit to negotiate fees at the bank, head to traffic court with a fresh manicure or turn cleaning your apartment into a dance party with your roommates. You may even make a new friend in the neighborhood when you finally figure out where you’re supposed to drop the compost. When you put care into the mundane, it becomes a luxury.

If this week finds you more discouraged than usual with your dating life—or lack thereof—the apps and the setups bleaker than ever, seek comfort in what’s familiar. On the 3rd, head to your favorite neighborhood bar after work and instead of scrolling Twitter while you sip your $5 happy hour cocktail, strike up a conversation with a friendly regular. Maybe he’s your soulmate or maybe he has some worthwhile advice. It doesn’t need to be romance for it to be a meaningful connection.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York & Los Angeles. You can follow her on Instagram, @jaimeallycewright, or subscribe to her newsletter.

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