Your Weekly Horoscopes: September 22 to 28, 2019

At long last, it’s your season, sweet Libra! Though you have been caught in an endless cycle of family drama or problems with your living situation (how many roommates is too many?), take the new moon in your sign as encouragement to care for yourself. Sign up for that Pilates reformer package, splurge on that Vitner’s Daughter serum you’ve had your eye on and order those lace-up boots you can’t stop thinking about. Yes, there are still fires at home, but you can look like the queen you are as you stomp them out.

Let someone else take the lead this week. After a summer spent building your career ––taking constant meetings with your boss and spending every evening at yet another networking event–– it’s time to relax into the big picture. For the new moon in Libra, start a weekly digital detox ritual or make a pledge to meditate every day. Your BFF might be calling off the hook, but let it go to voicemail. Allow yourself to be absent. You need to step away today to be present in the future.

Though you have been doing the very necessary work of challenging yourself and examining your values this year, no one is an island. For the new moon in Libra, instead of picking up yet another gig for extra cash, make a plan to get involved. Volunteer for a local charity, gather a group to support a friends’ book release or invite the whole squad over for a decadent dinner party. You’ll return to the grind inspired by love from your community.

It’s your time to shine, dear Capricorn! Libra season lights up the public image sector of your chart, and the new moon comes with an intriguing job offer, a majorly deserved promotion or at the very least, a viral tweet (thanks for retweet, Lin Manuel Miranda!). It’s so easy to be hard on yourself when it’s your turn in the spotlight, but don’t let self-doubt sabotage this opportunity. Accept that you have a space to fill and fill it with style. Leadership looks good on you!

After spending all summer caught in a sticky power struggle, or worried about your tiny impact on humankind’s carbon footprint––just normal Aquarius things––your thoughts this week shift to your next spiritual adventure. Whether it’s taking out your beloved Leica to snap around the neighborhood or reaching out to those relatives you discovered on 23andMe, the new moon in Libra inspires you to start saving and planning for this great awakening. Let yourself map out the entire vision and get ready to enjoy the ride.

Whether your husband is starting a stressful new job, your work wife is deserting you for her dream position elsewhere or you’re taking on more financial responsibility solo, the new moon in Libra finds you carrying more weight in your relationships. Though you are known for your empathy and care, don’t take on more than you can handle. Avoid the temptation to dodge responsibility through gossiping and complaining about all the stress with your friends. Commit to the tasks at hand and eventually you will receive these favors in return.

Let someone take you out on a date this week. Yes, it’s important to continue focusing on your (very serious) professional image, but once you’re out of the office, remember that it’s OK to lose the all-business all the time vibe. The new moon in Libra falls in your house of commitments, so whether it’s an anniversary with your boo, an unexpected night out with that hottie from yoga or happy hour with a potential business partner, let yourself celebrate not just the occasion but the connection.

One of your dreams is very close to becoming a reality, and though it’s difficult to turn your attention away from the future, your focus this week must be on the daily grind. How can you improve your routines? For the new moon in Libra, develop a daily or even weekly ritual—something as simple as buying a fresh notebook for your to-do lists or planning a check-in coffee date with a coworker has the potential to drastically increase your productivity. Start small.

Don’t let someone else’s drama get in the way of your pleasure. The new moon in Libra falls in your house of creative and romantic energy, so whether it’s getting back on the apps or finally learning how to cross-stitch (with that vintage kit you won at your book club’s end-of-summer raffle), begin something thrilling this week. You have been so concerned with whether things provide value, success and stability, but this pursuit is all about joy. Let your inner child roam free, and they’ll take you on an adventure you didn’t know you needed.

Whether you are moving to a different city or investing in a brand-new kitchen appliance, the new moon in Libra signals that you are ready to upgrade your home. For the last few months––or even the last few years––you have let your various commitments get in the way of reaching peak hygge, which, let’s be honest, is all a crab like you really wants. So don’t buy pillows that make your on-again-off-again boyfriend comfy, buy those pillows for you! Allow yourself to not only survive but to thrive in your own company.

Though your work is never finished these days, the new moon in Libra inspires you to plan a getaway somewhere familiar and peaceful. Even if your “trip” is simply going to your favorite neighborhood bar for a local IPA and deviled eggs, take a moment to run away from the grind. It’s a great opportunity to reconnect with your sister or your BFF, so invite her along or call her while you drive. Remember that catching up can become part of your routine.

No one would ever accuse you of being wasteful, dear Virgo, but lately, you have been so focused on making your kids happy (or on satisfying your own youthful impulses) that you haven’t been saving for something you really need. The new moon in Libra inspires you to download one of those trendy savings apps to stash some cash for a major investment. Set your goal amount, but don’t obsess over how you’ll get there. Let the abundance come to you.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York & Los Angeles. You can follow her on Instagram , @jaimeallycewright, or subscribe to her newsletter.

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Jaime Wright


Jaime Wright is an astrologer and writer based in NYC. She has been writing PureWow’s weekly and monthly horoscope columns since 2019, and also authors the cult favorite...
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