Your Weekly Horoscope: September 12 to September 18

“I don’t want to suffer,” says Frances, the deeply troubled bestselling author played by Melissa McCarthy in Hulu’s Nine Perfect Strangers. Frances has travelled to Tranquillum House, a wellness retreat in idyllic Southern California to “take a break” and “fix her life.” Frances wants to heal, but what she really craves is açai bowls and salt scrubs—nothing particularly challenging. Masha, the enigmatic (and masochistic) guru of the center played by Nicole Kidman, looks Frances deep in the eyes and replies, “You’re already suffering.”

This week’s astrology challenges us to take the road less travelled. Sometimes we’re so caught up in our pain, we become numb to it. We stop seeking solutions and only want to drift away. Action planet Mars enters Libra on the 14th, where it remains until October 30th. Mars moves at a slower pace than usual in Libra, where it sharply considers all sides of the situation. Balance is necessary. This week, we’re taking the scenic route to get to the source. It’s a long way down but it’ll be easier to navigate on the other side.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that sign too will provide further insight.)

12 aries

Mars enters your relationship sector on the 14th, stirring up conflict between you and your partner. It’s an unwritten rule that if you cook dinner, then she does the dishes. But this week, you might feel stuck with all the responsibilities. Communication is on your side though, with Mercury also in Libra. Even if you have to explain what’s wrong—almost like you’re speaking to a child—try not to condescend.

This week’s mantra: Keep it simple.

1 taurus

With sweet Venus in Scorpio and your relationship sector, you’re putting so much effort into making sure that everyone around you is feeling OK. But what about your own needs? On the 17th, Venus squares off with Saturn, which forces you to split your efforts between a problem with your partner and an even messier issue at work. Both of these stressful situations can be avoided if you take the time to check in with yourself.

This week’s mantra: Make yourself a priority.

2 gemini

On the 14th, the sun (your life force) opposes Neptune (our collective fantasies) and you’re deep in a daydream about moving to a new city for work. A recent meeting with your boss about a possible transfer put this idea on your radar, but is it really possible with all the responsibilities you have to your family at home? Make sure you’re settled before skipping to the next beat.

This week’s mantra: Finish what you start.

3 cancer

Mars enters Libra and your home sector on the 14th. Watch out for a tiny annoyance with your family or your roommates to slowly boil up over the course of the next six weeks. You might already know what the problem is, or you could be blissfully unaware that someone has an issue with you. Either way, consider how you can make your relationship dynamics more balanced this week.

This week’s mantra: Get ahead of the problem.

4 leo

As Mars enters Libra on the 14th, the sun also opposes hazy, confusing Neptune. For you, this means that your phone is blowing up with notifications, and you might miss a couple from your bank. Make sure to update your settings so you get an alert when your balance drops below a certain level. If you’re not paying attention, you might fritter cash away.

This week’s mantra: Check once then check again.

5 virgo

When it comes to your closest relationships, are you surrounding yourself with people who really get you? Or do they just make you feel good? The sun (your spirit) clashes with Neptune (our collective fantasies) on the 14th. This transit has you reconsidering some of your “besties” motives or deciding to take a break from seeing a long-term fling. Don’t get lost in someone else’s daydream.

This week’s mantra: Choice is power.

6 libra

Last week, sweet Venus left your sign for Scorpio, and now on the 14th, Mars enters your sign. In late August and early September, you put in a lot of energy upgrading your wardrobe, splurging on manicures and maybe even getting new headshots. Now Mars is making you sweat through your fancy clothes and peel off your nails. Though you might be feeling inflamed, focus on reducing your stress rather than increasing it.

This week’s mantra: Take a gentler approach.

7 scorpio

Venus squares off with Saturn on the 17th, causing yet another delay in the progress of your budding relationship. You’ve been seeing this guy since May and it seems like every time you get close to the commitment talk, something else—usually on his end—comes up. This bump in the road might lead you to cut things off once and for all. It’s sad, but this frees you up to look for something new—that’s sure to be more fulfilling—on the horizon.

This week’s mantra: It’s OK to take a different path.

8 sagittarius

On the 14th, the sun (your ego) clashes with Neptune (our collective illusions) and for you, a stressful situation at home gets in the way of a major project at work. Whether your home office is flooded, your movers lost all your stuff or your girlfriend spilled her coffee on your laptop, the solution requires a lot of patience and the ability to cut your losses. Save what needs saving and let the rest go.

This week’s mantra: Let it go!


If you feel like you’re moving too fast, then slow down. You don’t need to push so hard to keep yourself ahead. Aggression planet Mars enters your career sector on the 14th making you feel like you’re falling behind in a job search or quest for a promotion. It’s been two years since Mars travelled through this section of your chart. Think about what strides you made in your career back in October and November 2019. Take the time to be methodical.

This week’s mantra: Observation isn’t a waste of time.

10 aquarius

Take note of when you’re giving so much to your work that you aren’t taking care of yourself. Sweet Venus makes a harsh square with responsible Saturn on the 17th, bringing up an uncomfortable power dynamic at work. You didn’t realize before that you and your boss were operating from such different values systems. This situation isn’t unsalvageable, but it’s going to require lots of clear communication so you can better understand each other.

This week’s mantra: If you don’t ask then you won’t know.

11 pisces

The sun (your spirit) opposes Neptune (our collective haze) on the 14th putting you in an even dreamier place than usual. Nothing is impossible under this influence! With Mars moving into your shared finances sector on the same day, investment plans are full steam ahead. Whether you’re throwing together a wedding or launching a business, let your partner take the wheel, at least around these few days.

This week’s mantra: Why do it alone?

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can subscribe to her newsletter for more musings on the stars.

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