Your Weekly Horoscopes: October 18 to 24, 2020

Since August, you’ve been dealing with constant setbacks and frustrations in your daily schedule and routine. It seems like no matter what you do, you just can’t get ahead. But on the 19th, you discover that some of those challenges were actually blessings in disguise. Taking things slow has actually given your work more momentum and you might be surprised by who’s willing to throw in their support. Your season begins on the 22nd and after a period of hibernation, you’re finally feeling seen again. What parts of yourself are you ready to share?

This week’s mantra: You hold the key to your own happiness.

You are riding a productivity high. It feels good to cross things off your to-do list and delegate with ease. But on the 18th, a stressful situation at home distracts you during an important meeting. Remember that everyone makes mistakes and things are especially difficult with all of us quite literally living at work. Your foundation is sturdier than you think it is. Scorpio season begins on the 22nd which should allow you to take a break and spend some off the grid. Try to prioritize stillness and silence while you can.

This week’s mantra: Productivity isn’t everything.

Oh, Capricorn—try not to be so hard on yourself! Though last week’s new moon in Libra inspired a fresh optimism about your career, you find yourself in a spiral of self-doubt and criticism on the 18th. Recognize that these challenges can also be assets. Luckily on the 19th, you get a pep talk from a close friend or family member that energizes you and puts you back on the right track. Scorpio season begins on the 22nd which is a time for you to reconnect with friends and community. Who are your biggest cheerleaders?

This week’s mantra: Go where you’re beloved.

Though you might be feeling existential this week—caught in a spiral of wondering whether anything you do actually makes a difference—you’re constantly reminded that your voice matters. Back on the 7th, whether it was an amazing job interview or a viral tweet, you made an unexpected splash. This wasn’t just a flash in the pan though and on the 19th, you have the chance to increase your impact. How do you want to shape your influence? Scorpio season begins on the 22nd which has you primarily focused on your image. Don’t let fear keep you from success.

This week’s mantra: Power is responsibility.

Let this be known: It’s a myth that you’re “too much.” On the 18th, you’re feeling overwhelmed with the responsibility of caring for yourself. We’re still in a pandemic and doing your laundry, making your coffee and remembering to apply hyaluronic acid twice a day is sometimes just too much in itself. Luckily, this week has constant reminders that you’ve got the best support. You’ve let friends and lovers go but the ones who remain are golden. On the 22nd, the sun enters fellow water sign Scorpio ushering in a season of expanding your mind.

This week’s mantra: You are what you love.

Though you might have fallen off the horse, it’s time to get back in the saddle. On the 18th, an argument with your partner or your boss about time management that would normally derail your productivity ends up being just the motivation you need. There’s no point in feeling defeated when there’s so much work to be done. Momentum is all about negotiation. Scorpio season begins on the 22nd and for you, it’s an invitation to explore power dynamics and shared resources. Remember that earning more is actually about sharing your wealth.

This week’s mantra: Try again.

This week is all about managing your expectations, Taurus, and on the 18th, you get a reality check about a budding romance or creative project. Maybe you meet that sweet mystery man from Tinder and he looks nothing like his photos. Maybe that after-school socially distanced art class for your kids is a huge disappointment. Scorpio season begins on the 22nd and for you, it’s all about tapping into your most reliable support networks. In this moment, joy comes through learning and expanding your mind. Who challenges you to reach new heights?

This week’s mantra: It wasn’t meant to be.

On the 18th, you get an intriguing invitation to discuss a promotion or career shift and though this is exciting and meant to take you out of your comfort zone, tread carefully. Have the conversation but don’t commit to anything yet. Then on the 19th, an unexpected wrench is thrown into your schedule and whether it’s a spur of the moment FaceTime with a friend or a stressful deadline, it completely derails your day. Use Scorpio season—which begins on the 22nd—as an opportunity to recalibrate your routine. What’s really important?

This week’s mantra: Test the waters first.

Whether you’ve been quarantining with your mother-in-law, homeschooling your kids while working full-time or saving like crazy to buy a house, you and your partner have done nothing but take care of business all year. And on the 18th, you’re feeling more weighed down than usual by the responsibility. Will it ever feel like you’re working from home rather than living at work again? The sun enters fellow water sign Scorpio on the 22nd and your challenge for the season is to do more of what you want. Remember what it’s like to ride the waves of inspiration?

This week’s mantra: Do what you love.

The week begins with yet another consuming project that completely obliterates your normal schedule. And despite your best efforts to stay on top of self-care, you miss Zoom yoga and fall asleep without applying your serums again! Something’s gotta give. As the week progresses, you get more information about a career opportunity that came out of the woodwork on the 7th. It’s exciting, but it’s not the stability you need. Scorpio season begins on the 22nd putting your focus on home and privacy. How can you better maintain your own sanctuary?

This week’s mantra: Who’s taking care of you?

Who are you relying on for support? On the 18th, you may have to start that difficult conversation with your boyfriend, BFF or business partner and get your feelings out in the open, even if it hurts. Now’s not the time for keeping secrets. Then on the 19th, you get some surprising advice from a teacher or mentor that helps you better communicate your needs. Scorpio season begins on the 22nd and puts your focus on your immediate environment. It’s time to clean out your inbox and decide who you really want on your team.

This week’s mantra: You are what surrounds you.

Sometimes the support you need can come from a completely unexpected place. Though some confusion arises on the 18th around your schedule or a project at work, lean into the things that you don’t know instead of rushing toward a solution. A similar attitude can be applied to your continuing struggles to find peace at home. You’re trying to find an external answer when really what you’re looking for lies within you. Scorpio season begins on the 22nd and has you focused on your income and your values. What’s worth holding onto?

This week’s mantra: Clear your head to find your space.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram @jaimeallycewright or subscribe to her newsletter.

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