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Your Weekly Horoscopes: October 14 to October 20

This week is full of ups and downs for everyone, so while you’re trying to hang on, remember: so is everyone else. Use that knowledge for solidarity rather than competition, and you may just win the week.

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6 Libra  

On the 15th, you’ll feel harmony between your home and your office, really appreciating how success in one area feeds the other. The 18th is a perfect time to go on a date or see a movie with friends (aka, time to see A Star Is Born). Don’t feel guilty just because your to-do list could fill an ancient scroll—that’s what the 19th is for.

7 Scorpio  

Whatever was making you so moody on the 10th may resurface on the 18th, but with more clarity this time around. Not to get all Wizard of Oz on you, but the answer was probably in your own backyard the whole time—meaning, if you fix the foundations (emotional and physical) in your home, your outside relationships will reap the benefits.

8 Sagittarius  

Be sure to speak up on the 18th, whether that’s writing, a presentation or telling your roommate what’s been on your mind. Even if it’s negative or difficult (like finally confronting Samantha about the hair in the drain), you’ll have the words and the tact to deliver any message effectively.


You’re very bewitching, Capricorn, especially on the 15th. Use these powers to network and plant the seeds for a raise or a partnership on the 18th and 19th. But don’t act just yet—Venus is still retrograde. Keep it percolating in the conceptual phase until mid-November.

10 Aquarius  

You are feeling comfortable, finally, for the first time in a while. This week you’re way more settled and secure, and maybe a little cocky. You can bring the swagger, Aquarius (honestly, you always do), but bite your tongue a little on the 19th. In your haze of self-esteem, you may forget to be sensitive to those who matter most to you.

11 Pisces  

Emerge from your cocoon on the 15th, especially if you’ve been keeping to yourself a lot lately. You’ve had a lot of financial concerns on your mind, so you may not be feeling so carefree. Take advantage on this day to do something whimsical. Like get two toppings on your frozen yogurt or plan a Disney movie night with the fam, Frozen sing-along and all.

12 Aries  

This week is a perfect opportunity for you to drown out noise from everyone who is telling you they know how to get you your dream job/partner/house/body. Right now, the only expert you need to worry about is you. You love being the boss, Aries. Now you have to actually be your own boss.

1 Taurus  

Love is a roller coaster this week. If you’ve been arguing with a significant other, you might kiss and make up on the 15th…only to be right back in the trenches on the 19th. Just make sure to breathe before you say anything you can’t take back.

2 Gemini  

You are a star, or at least that’s what everyone is saying behind your back right now (in a good way). While it may not be immediately obvious, you are making the impression you hope to be making on the people you care about impressing right now (your new girlfriend’s parents, the kids in your classroom, your boss, etc.). But don’t get all Icaraus on us—your hubris may make you trip up on the 19th. Stars have to at least act humble...

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3 Cancer  

Ooh la la, the 15th is a sexy day for you, Cancer. If you’re single, you may feel sparks with someone new. If you’re taken, skip the date and head straight to the bedroom with your significant other. On the 18th, if you spot an opportunity to make money, it’s likely not a hoax—unlike that time you interviewed for a job but it turned out to be an Amway pitch. Make that green, baby!

4 Leo  

The passion you feel for your partner on the 18th could turn into the bad kind of fireworks the next day on the 19th. If you connect with each other in a sober way (meaning, you build in some alone time to catch your breath), you can spare yourself a love hangover.

5 Virgo  

Even if you don’t feel like it, this is an important week emotionally to work out, exercise, stretch and get enough water. Your body will lead your mood, not the other way around, especially on the 18th. It’ll prevent the 19th from being one of those days where you stare off into space and forget where you are...

Kiki O'Keeffe is an astrology writer in Brooklyn, New York. You can sign up for her newsletter, I don't believe in astrology, or follow her Twitter @alexkiki.

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