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Your Weekly Horoscopes: November 11 to 17

A lot is going on this week, with Venus finally stationing direct (yay for love) and Mercury going retrograde the same day (boo for texting the wrong person sensitive gossip). This planetary switcheroo might feel like a lot of commotion, but we’re basically ending up where we began.

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7 Scorpio  

This week is all about R&R for you, Scorpio. You’ve got enough on your mind…money issues (which may become more complex before they resolve themselves this month), relationship ruts (especially if you’re married or in a very committed partnership), etc. It’s a lot! Venus going direct on the 16th will afford you some peace of mind and help you care for you.

8 Sagittarius  

If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, the place to cut back is going out with your friends. You’re very popular and in demand, natch, but the cosmos are urging you (especially on or around the 16th) to focus on the relationships that really matter. Your precious social energy is best reserved only for the appointments you’re actually excited to keep. That’s right: cancel those plans.


Your career is about to get a signal boost from the stars. On the 16th, Venus goes direct, helping crown your achievements for all to notice, which has been long overdue, right? However, Mercury’s retrograde tour may create a little disillusionment with your day-to-day routine, even while you are reaching career highs. Don’t be afraid to take a day off to deal; you won’t lose momentum, promise.

10 Aquarius  

This week, any public writing, speaking or broadcasting you do (that includes social media) will resonate further than you imagined. But while you are audience-building, don’t neglect your closer one-on-one friendships. Mercury retrograde may stir up some mischief, so watch what you say and err on the side of politeness. No need to alienate your pals during this trying retrograde season...

11 Pisces  

You’re making career progress even if it feels like you’re jogging in place, Pisces. That’s the do-si-do routine of Venus going direct and Mercury going retrograde all on the 16th—while your money situation may come into focus, you can bet there will be delays and misunderstandings with VIPs helping you get ahead. You’ll get where you’re going, don’t worry, but the interim will be bumpy.

12 Aries  

You are finally ready to commit, Aries! Even if that is a commitment to breaking up. If you’ve been back-and-forth with someone, you may feel a jolt of motivation on or around the 16th to change course. With Mercury going into retrograde, you could change your mind, but listen to your emotions this time. It’s an important clue, Sherlock.

1 Taurus  

If you’ve been running an impossible schedule lately (your day starts at 5:45 a.m., and you’re still barely in bed by midnight…what gives?), that may ease up on the 16th. You can use any extra free time to balance your finances and square up your Venmo obligations, because you might have forgotten some lingering payments—aka you probably owe a friend some money.

2 Gemini  

Gemini, you are everybody’s crush this week. Venus going direct will bless you with some extra charm and confidence, so be sure to tap into your extrovert alter-ego (we know you have many). However, beware of Mercury retrograde (your ruling planet!) messing with your most committed relationships. Keep receipts of everything you say and everything you meant...

3 Cancer  

Good news and bad news. First, the good: Venus going direct on the 16th means any discomfort at home (broken dishwashers, cracked tiles, what have you) is likely to clear up, allowing you to get cozy in your home (very crucial for a Cancer’s long-term mental health). Then the bad: Mercury going retrograde threatens to make you tear your hair out at disorganized colleagues at work. Their mess feels like your mess (even though it’s not).

4 Leo  

Amid the chaos of Mercury going retrograde on the 16th, you will be the truth-teller. You love being a leader, Leo, and sometimes that requires saying what no one else will say (like calling out Arnold for throwing shade at Cassidy on an all-company email). If you speak, you will be heard, which is a major commodity during Mercury retrograde.

5 Virgo  

You may be trading comforts at work for comforts at home (and of the two, I think that’s your slight preference) on the 16th. Still, work is work, which is exhausting even if you’re good at it. Carve out some downtime at the office (yes, on company time) to go for a walk or take an extra lunch to catch up on a good book.

6 Libra  

Venus is going direct on the 16th in your sign, Libra, so enjoy the boost to your magnetism and charisma. But while you’re strutting your stuff, beware the pitfalls of a Mercury retrograde-influenced commute, rife with unexpected detours and delays. Either send a mass text to everyone you know warning them you’re going to be late for everything until December, or trick yourself by setting your own clocks ahead 15 minutes.

Kiki O'Keeffe is an astrology writer in Brooklyn, New York. You can sign up for her newsletter, I don't believe in astrology, or follow her Twitter @alexkiki.

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