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Your Weekly Horoscopes: November 25 to December 1

Mercury is still in retrograde, but it hasn’t broken our will yet. This week starts with hope and determination and ends…a little more quietly. But it’s less of a crash and burn and more of a slow simmer into introspective homebody energy. It can be nice if you play it right...

Remember to read for your rising sign as well, as it tells you what part of your life is most affected by your horoscope.

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7 Scorpio  

Oh Scorpio, what are you even doing with your life? If you ask yourself the hard questions this week, you may like the answers you get (hint: it could spell more money in your pocket). This is all fantastic, but it might lead to some friction in your love life. After all, they are used to having your undivided attention, so don’t divide it too many times.

8 Sagittarius  

Travel might be smoother for you than others, even in spite of Mercury retrograde. The luck o’ the Sagittarian is with you as you commute, and you may even take a long weekend to meet all the party obligations you’re likely juggling. But don’t neglect the voice inside reminding you to check your email once in a while. Your responsibilities won’t disappear just because you do.


You’ve trotted yourself out to your adoring fans—ahem, friends and family—this Thanksgiving, and now you’re free to get back to your life until the next one. This is a perfect week to recharge your batteries and get your sh*t together. Others will likely be doing the same, so there’s no room to judge.

10 Aquarius  

Enjoying that power couple vibe, Aquarius? If you’re married or partnered up, you’re likely stealing scenes at every work or friend holiday party. No reason that networking and socializing and romancing can’t coincide once in a while, right? Enjoy it while this amazing synergy lasts.

11 Pisces  

You’re in a zone, Pisces, when it comes to your daily routine. You’re up at dawn; you’re doing push-ups; you’re eating keto; you’re at inbox-zero; you’re crushing seven hours of sleep a night… That’s all good, but be careful not to drive your partner or co-workers up the wall with your superhuman productivity. What, like it’s hard?

12 Aries  

You’re still in party mode from the holiday (so many leftovers, friends and crushes—so little time), but keep an eye on deadlines and commitments you may have forgotten you agreed to (you can only blame Mercury retrograde so many times…). Thursday will snap you back into work mode, and it will be a rude awakening if you’re not ready.

1 Taurus  

The holidays were a warm, nesty time that really spoke to your homebody nature. Now you’re back in the regular grind. And it’s colder. Ugh. Thursday and Friday may hit you with this reality the hardest, so if you need to console yourself with an extra mug of hot cocoa, by all means.

2 Gemini  

If you’re a married or in a serious relationship, Tuesday is an especially good day to do something fun together. Get a sitter, call the in-laws, do what you need to do to enjoy a responsibility-free evening dancing, eating dinner too late or even just going on a long walk. You can be adults again on Wednesday.

3 Cancer  

Your career might feel some sizzle this week, especially as it relates to your ability to make more cash money, honey. Talk to your boss on Tuesday and drop those hints. But save any sensitive communications for next week as emails and texts may get lost in translation (aka, Mercury retrograde will bite you).

4 Leo  

It’s a little bit of The Leo Show, this week—but then again isn’t it always? However, the stars are actually green-lighting your production, so to speak, especially on Tuesday. So, strut around in your new teddy coat and shades doling out high-minded advice to your friends, because even if it’s all a bluff, you’ll be spot-on.

5 Virgo  

You survived the holidays, and you’re…fine. Congratulations! If you want to tiptoe back into your grind, who can blame you? Cancel plans with a friend you know will forgive you. Shrug off an obligation. Sleeping in can be your present to yourself (and you actually deserve it).

6 Libra  

You know the drill this time of year: It’s party after party until you can go home and…party some more. This may scratch a lot of itches for you, but you could crash hard…by Friday. And we haven’t even started with the Christmas parties. You know how Coco Chanel said to take off one piece of jewelry before you leave? Pick one party to skip. It’ll feel just as glamorous.

Kiki O'Keeffe is an astrology writer in Brooklyn. You can sign up for her newsletter, I don't believe in astrology, or follow her Twitter @alexkiki.

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