Your Weekly Horoscopes: November 15 to 21, 2020

The new moon on the 15th is in your sign and it really is a “new year, new you” kind of energy. Put on your favorite outfit, splash on your signature scent and do a flick of eyeliner for your daily walk around the park. Though you might be getting mixed messages from a lover or a close friend (particularly on the 17th), try to stay grounded so others don’t ruin your vibe. Venus enters your sign on the 21st, boosting your confidence even more. Don’t let the magic slip away.

This week’s mantra: You gotta love yourself first.

This week’s new moon on the 15th is a chance for you to take a break. This lunation falls in your unconscious sector and is an invitation to breathe deep or have a nice long cry. Rest and unplug if possible. Then on the 17th, you’re pulled out of your hibernation for a worthwhile adventure with a friend. Though socializing feels overwhelming, the experience is fulfilling because of how much time you’ve taken for yourself. Your season begins on the 21st and things get busy again! Remember what you’ve learned about burnout though. Take it slow.

This week’s mantra: Slow and steady.

Don’t get in the way of your own success. Your hard work pays off this week with some public recognition, and the new moon on the 15th is a time to consider who you want surrounding you and supporting your efforts. Your audience is your greatest asset, so choose your followers wisely. Then on the 21st, the sun moves into your unconscious sector kicking off a month of being at a remove. Don’t push yourself to be too involved. Meditate, rest and let things happen at their own pace.

This week’s mantra: The work is already done.

You’re no one’s favorite coworker or boss recently and feeling unpopular stings. Though you’ve stuck with your morals and tried to do what’s in everyone’s best interest, that doesn’t mean anyone likes you for it. Luckily, the new moon on the 15th is an invitation to refresh your image or at least to own up to your tough love reputation. Ultimately, you’re just trying to do what’s best, which is often out of your control. On the 21st, you’re feeling extra benevolent, so why not send everyone home with a treat?

This week’s mantra: A little kindness goes a long way

This week’s new moon on the 15th has you focused on the big picture. What do you want to learn and where can you learn it? If you’re considering grad school or any other intensive education program, now’s the time to start your research—or your application! It’s also a wonderful time to get in touch with former teachers or mentors. The sun enters your career sector on the 21st, which puts more pressure on your professional life. It’s OK to take up more space.

This week’s mantra: The world wants to see you.

Your ruling planet, Mars, is moving forward and you’re feeling energized this week! Though you’ve been worried about letting your loved ones down, you also know that with hard work (and listening!), you can have fulfilling relationships. The new moon on the 15th is an invitation to plant the seeds for a business venture, collaboration or investment with your romantic partner—is it time to buy a car? It’s easier to get started when you know you’re in it together. When things get scary, who’s there to squeeze your hand?

This week’s mantra: What matters is who’s beside you.

Relationships are hard work and this week, you’re being tested and challenged alongside your partner—whether that’s your boyfriend, business partner or BFF! The new moon on the 15th is the perfect time to get real about what you really want in a relationship. Do you want constant teamwork or independence? Do you want to travel the world together or just stay cozy at home? Though there’s many hard lessons on the horizon, your lover gets you a sweet gift or makes a sweeping romantic gesture on the 21st. Savor the moment.

This week’s mantra: What love is worth the work

This week’s new moon on the 15th falls in your daily grind sector. How can you make your routines more sustainable? Can you imagine a world where you get up each morning truly looking forward to that sip of hot lemon water after a sun salutation? Try to imagine your life running on a fixed, meditative schedule and implement any small changes that you can day by day. On the 17th, your workflow is challenged by something out of your control. How can you handle it without ruining your whole day?

This week’s mantra: Control is in your breath.

Though things are really shaping up at home, there’s still some domestic challenges in your relationship. Compromise is necessary. Maybe you both wanted to fill the office with houseplants, but who ends up watering them? Or maybe you both wanted that sectional couch, but who always hogs it for themselves? The new moon on the 15th is all about making things. What do you want to bring into the world? Whether that’s a baby, a fresh art project or a mini social distance birthday party for your love, creativity can solve every problem.

This week’s mantra: Choose compromise.

The new moon on the 15th is all about your private world, dear Leo. You’ve been learning throughout the autumn—as 2020’s challenges have put a strain on your home—how important privacy is to you. Now’s the time to set intentions and cultivate your space. If you need help setting something up, like a new desk or bookshelf, assistance arrives on the 19th. Then on the 21st, the sun moves into Sagittarius and you can finally focus on pleasure. Download the apps and get ready to go on some dates.

This week’s mantra: Not everything is meant to be seen.

What if instead of being stuck in the same old schedule you made your schedule work for you? The new moon on the 15th is an opportunity to take a step back and decide what needs more commitment and what simply has to go. Better things are coming, so get out your planner and start penciling in those meetings and projects on the horizon. On the 17th, an unexpected message from a former teacher or mentor reminds you of all the skills you’ve already cultivated. You have what you need to keep going.

This week’s mantra: Only do what’s necessary.

Your home is part of your identity. Whether that’s the house where you grew up, your current apartment or your dream country home upstate, it’s all a part of you. This week, you’re finally feeling creative enough to make the vision board and manifest your ideal space. But first, you need the money to get you there. The new moon on the 15th is an opportunity to set intentions about your finances. How much can you save? A sweet bonus arrives as Venus moves into Scorpio and your finance sector on the 21st.

This week’s mantra: Comfort costs something.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram @jaimeallycewright or subscribe to her newsletter.

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