Your Weekly Horoscopes: May 30 to June 5, 2021

Holy cosmos! Is it just us or is everything feeling a bit rough around the edges? Last week’s total lunar eclipse is still shaking things up, Mercury is still retrograde and we’re just trying to get through the day in one piece. Luckily on the 2nd, Venus enters Cancer where the planet of connection brings us together with home cooked meals, cozy hangs and the best hugs. This is an important reminder that even while things are moving fast and changing quickly, staying grounded in the places and people that make us feel like home (even if we’re spending less time there) is always important. Happy Venus Return to those born with Venus in Cancer—especially to Ben Affleck! (as we’re hoping this transit is a sign that all of our Bennifer dreams really are coming true!)

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that sign too will provide further insight.)

2 gemini

So far, this has been a birthday season to remember. Chaos is reigning supreme, which is just the way you like it. But Venus’s shift into Cancer on the 2nd puts your mind on your cash flow and challenges you to move at a steadier pace. The love planet makes a supportive connection to expansive Jupiter on the 3rd, making this an ideal window to ask for a raise or impress some potential clients. It’s also an opportune day to post that thirst trap you’ve been saving to get some extra love and attention.

This week’s mantra: Put it all on the table!

3 cancer

Sweet Venus enters your sign of domestic bliss on the 2nd, giving you an excuse to drop everything and take care of yourself. Put an extra pint (or two) of gelato in your grocery cart! Get that funky half-moon manicure! Take a restorative yoga class! Though you’re feeling like your best self, all this personal indulgence might leave your hubby feeling left out and could cause some drama on the 5th. Instead of rehashing the same old argument though, pour some wine and suggest making a homemade pizza together.

This week’s mantra: Comfort over conflict.

4 leo

Though this particularly chaotic Gemini season has you feeling obliged to meet up with every random person in your contacts list and be everyone’s favorite coworker, now might be the time to slow down. Venus moves into your unconscious sector on the 2nd, encouraging you to take more time for yourself or get back into some of your secret hobbies (like whipping up a killer meringue, crocheting dog sweaters or bingeing cheesy Lifetime dramas). Keep it to yourself and don’t worry about sharing!

This week’s mantra: Less is more.

5 virgo

Venus enters Cancer and your friendship sector on the 2nd. So though Mercury retrograde (since May 29th) has been causing problem after problem at work and last week’s lunar eclipse caused drama at home, this transit reminds you that you can always count on your BFFs. On the 3rd, one even helps you with a major lead on a freelance client or a new roommate that solves about three problems at once. Remember: It’s never too late (or too embarrassing) to ask for help.

This week’s mantra: No one does it alone.

6 libra

Since late April, warrior planet Mars has been in your career sector causing tensions with your boss, delays in your job search and the constant worry that you just aren’t doing enough. If you’re in charge at the office, you’ve also had to deliver a lot of bad news. On the 2nd, your ruling planet Venus moves into Cancer and suddenly, everyone’s on board to follow your lead and take your cues. Then Venus connects with optimistic Jupiter on the 3rd, allowing you to fall into a more positive routine.

This week’s mantra: Have you heard the good news?

7 scorpio

If you’ve been feeling stuck and hopeless as of late (especially in regards to your career), Venus’ shift into Cancer on the 2nd uplifts your spirits. This transit (through the 27th) encourages you to explore your options through getting excited about what you want to learn. How can you expand your mind? On the 3rd, you come across a listing for a writers’ group, ceramics class or book club that piques your interest. Sign up and indulge that curiosity—it might change your life!

This week’s mantra: Knowledge is power.

8 sagittarius

To put it bluntly, this Gemini season has been brutal. You’re going through a divorce and separating your assets from your ex-partner’s has been a nightmare. On the 2nd, Venus moves into Cancer, and your shared resources sector, promising some light at the end of the tunnel. First, your BFF gives you her basically brand-new West Elm couch, relieving you from spending even more on your solo apartment (and in style!). Then, your bank finally approves your loan! For the next few weeks, stuff is coming to you.

This week’s mantra: Take the gifts and run.


Love planet Venus moves into Cancer on the 2nd, bringing lots of sweetness to your partnerships. Though Mercury retrograde has you tied up in the most annoying busy work, putting out tiny fires everywhere you go, this week reminds you that romance (and pleasure) isn’t dead. As Venus meets Jupiter on the 3rd, some flowers just because and encouraging texts from your love get you through the day. Remember this when the two of you are arguing over something dumb on the 5th.

This week’s mantra: Don’t take your partner for granted.

10 aquarius

As much as people like to call you unpredictable or a wild card, at the end of the day, you’re a fixed sign, Aquarius. You enjoy your routines. You don’t love change (it’s progress that you care about) so you’ve struggled more than most with the ease in restrictions after a year of lockdown. Not because you don’t want to be free but because you don’t know how to be. Luckily with Venus moving into Cancer and your daily grind sector on the 2nd, you can more easily find a flow in your shifting routines.

This week’s mantra: Keep moving.

11 pisces

Whether you’ve been planning for a family or not, once Venus moves into Cancer on the 2nd, you’re in for some major baby fever. It’s not just cute kids at the park or an adorable sleeping little one in a commercial that makes you catch a fleeting feeling, babies are everywhere! Your socks remind you of baby’s little feet. You wish you were spooning your overnight oats into baby's little mouth. You can’t escape! Take this as the clue you think it is and talk to your partner about trying for a kid or…look into adopting a dog.

This week’s mantra: If you’re seeing babies everywhere, you probably want a baby.

12 aries

Venus enters homebody Cancer on the 2nd and though everyone is feeling the snuggly vibes, you’re especially down to chill. Last week, you were finally getting up the energy to put on some hard pants but this week, it’s back to working in a silk robe and fuzzy slippers. Don’t get too cozy though because an important (and majorly stressful) IRL meeting comes up suddenly on the 5th, forcing you to get out of bed.

This week’s mantra: Life is chill until it isn’t.

1 taurus

Venus’s shift into Cancer on the 2nd has you feeling majorly nostalgic. Don’t be ashamed! Turn up the throwback playlist (or better yet make one!), put your hair into space buns and watch a few episodes of Dawson’s Creek for old time’s sake. This trip down memory lane even inspires you to text a childhood friend who you’ve been meaning to catch up with for years. Sure, none of this is “productive” but it’s always important to fill your cup.

This week’s mantra: Be the nostalgia demon you wish to see in the world!

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram @jaimeallycewright or subscribe to her newsletter.

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