Your Weekly Horoscopes: May 19 to 25

It’s your birthday week, Gemini. And with the sun and Mercury keeping you energized and full of ideas, this is the greatest entrepreneurial window for you to strike out with a new venture. It could be business, it could be art, it could be a new makeup palette for summer...whatever it is, it will be great.

With the sun and Mercury spotlighting the dark recesses of your soul, you’ll want to take your random obsessions and run with them. Carve out some alone time to bird-watch or read every Game of Thrones fan theory or listen to your favorite historical podcast. Whatever your nerd kink is, let yourself indulge.

This week, all of your friends will want to hang. And you will want to say yes to all of them. Instead of feeling burned out, you’ll be pumped up by all the lovely people in your life and in awe of how much you really value each other. Even a lion like you can be a social butterfly.

Your career is hot right now, Virgo, and it’s likely you’ll get one or two requests from VIPs to collaborate or take on some prestigious assignments. How do you manage the opportunities? Prioritize according to what’s new and challenging. If you’ve done it before, politely pass and save your strength for the unknown.

Embrace the urge to roam, Libra, because Gemini’s curious vibes are permeating your travel sector. If you can’t swing a ticket to Sydney or Istanbul, take a short drive and spend some time in the nearest Instagrammable town for a welcome shift in ambiance. Just don’t spend the whole trip on your phone...

When you want something, Scorpio, you’re loathe to talk about it. You prefer to work your magic behind the scenes, getting others to offer up the affection, information, raise, etc. without a formal request. But this week, speaking up will be more effective than sneaking around. The universe wants to give you what you need. You just have to step out of your comfort zone and ask.

This week, the sun and Mercury will team up to make sure that everything you say to your spouse or significant other will clearly communicate what you intended. And the best news? They'll actually be on the same page. Skip the movies in favor of a walk or dinner, where chemistry and conversation can take center stage.

Work a little mental exercise into your workout, Capricorn. Instead of your usual planks and pushups, try some high-intensity interval training or a sport like tennis or basketball that requires strategic maneuvering. This ensures that you’re giving enough attention to the most important muscle of all: your brain.

An intellectual connection might spark some deeper feelings. Maybe you’ve been trading wits with someone at work or a friend of a friend, when suddenly, all of the electric possibilities hit you like lightning. There are worse ways to spend your week, Aquarius.

Liven up your domestic sphere this week, Pisces. Eclectic minimalism will refresh you at this time. That means: candles that smell like emotions, structurally intriguing design and a release of all the junk you already know doesn’t spark joy (get rid of that improv festival T-shirt already).

You’re a Chatty Cathy with so many opinions, Aries. You’re never one to bite your tongue (why should you?), but next week you might feel especially inclined to spill your truth to everyone who will listen. Just make sure your two cents are welcome, if not fully solicited...

Time to bring your powers of persuasion to the negotiating table, Taurus. Whether you’re working out the terms of a new job offer or helping your spouse speak up for himself or herself when the siblings gang up on them (rude), your strategic counsel will win the day.

Kiki O’Keeffe is an astrology writer in Brooklyn. You can sign up for her newsletter, I don't believe in astrology, or follow her Twitter @alexkiki.

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