Your Weekly Horoscopes: May 12 to 18

You’re tight-lipped in a pinch, Taurus, but when it comes to your marriage, you’ve got to open up about the ugly stuff. Watch for themes of jealousy or insecurity to pop up, which may or may not be founded but will offer an opportunity for you to questions things you dared not speak aloud. The answer is less important than the courage it takes to ask.

Gemini, you have permission to go easy on yourself this week. Your life may want to overload you (and the to-do list is forever being amended), but it’s not the time to burn the candle at both ends. Take a breath, admit you need a break and go home to hibernate. It’ll do wonders for your mood.

Your kids are a lot of work, Cancer, and it may feel like they’re hardwired to resist you at every turn. On the 18th, get creative with your management problem (ahem, opportunity!) and switch up the context. If they only want the iPad at home, take them to a museum or to a park. Changing your setting can shake you all out of a rut.

Answer quickly: If you could only spend time with one or two people this week, who would they be? Listen to your immediate response on this one. Even if you can’t see your friend because she lives on the other side of the country, write her a postcard out of the blue to say hi. Don’t let physical constraints prevent you from investing in the relationships you actually care about. And everyone likes getting a surprise postcard!

Careful with the critiques this week. The full moon on the 18th may bid you to share some unsavory feedback with a friend (who won’t open the detailed email you sent but will text you nonstop with questions), and they may not be ready for the heat. You come from a place of love (or at least, a love-based exasperation), so try to lead with that to soften the blow.

If you’ve been keeping what you want a secret (especially from yourself), it’ll likely come out during the full moon on the 18th. It could be about your relationship, your family or your job, but your poker face will drop, and hiding your true motives will no longer be an option. Good. Starting from a place of frankness will actually move you closer to a resolution.

The full moon on the 18th is in your sign, Scorpio, which means you may feel extra testy with your partner. It may be all too easy to interpret innocent suggestions (like, “Let’s get pizza tonight!”) as orders from on high (like, “You must eat pizza and can never have tacos again!”). That may get your hackles up, but rather than wage a war for the independence you already have, consider compromising and ordering sushi instead.

Don your finest introvert attire—comfy waffle shorts, big sleep shirt, cozy pillow—because the full moon on the 18th is calling for you to slow your gears and practice doing nothing at all. You love a physical or mental challenge more than anything, and staying home to relax might just be the biggest challenge you’ve ever faced. Good luck!

You might have taken on voluntary party-planning duties or budgetary oversight in your community­—but rethink whether or not you want to spend all that energy there? You tend to assume leadership positions out of frustration of watching others manage less effectively, but you might want to abdicate at least one throne this week. It’s exhausting—and not always rewarding—to sit in that seat.

If you’re averse to networking—because, ugh… people—you might want to temporarily mute your inner curmudgeon. Meeting new connections might open doors you had never considered, and the possibilities are worth considering seriously. Even if you end up saying no to every offer in the end.

You’re either all about the details or can’t be bothered, Pisces. But if you’re traveling at all this week, you might want to invoke your inner scheduler. The full moon on the 18th promises to make the trip incredibly worthwhile if you’re buttoned up on the itinerary. If not, the stress may make you miss how gorgeous Reykjavik really is this time of year.

If this week doesn’t deliver the fortune you were promised (whether it be a raise, refund, rebate, cupcakes, etc.), it’s an understandable bummer. But you’re a quick rebound, Aries. Rather than hand-wringing about what you were owed (the cupcakes especially), look for new avenues to get what you need. You will find them, cupcakes and all.

Kiki O’Keeffe is an astrology writer in Brooklyn. You can sign up for her newsletter, I don't believe in astrology, or follow her Twitter @alexkiki.

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