Your Weekly Horoscopes: July 4 to July 10

The coffee shop is out of oat milk. We’re forced to live with soy. We’re accepting that what we want is a lot of work. Just in time: The new moon in Cancer on the 9th is the bubble bath we need. This lunation is dreamy, idealistic and possibly a bit delusional. It’s tender, loving, maternal care. Whether that Mom is sweet like Jessica Simpson or tough like Courtney Love (both born at Cancer new moons) depends on us. It’s a choose your own Mom adventure. Here’s what you need to know as we head into a new week.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that sign too will provide further insight.)

12 aries

As the sun connects with shocking Uranus on the 5th, you find some unexpected room in your budget. Your friends are pressuring you to put it towards a chaotic Airbnb situation, but really, this surplus needs to go into your actual home. Maybe you can afford to move after all! The new moon in Cancer on the 9th finds you excitedly scrolling through apartment listings and creating Pinterest boards of design inspo for your next space.

This week’s mantra: Choose peace.

1 taurus

Whether you’re finally returning to the office or starting a brand-new job, your work/life balance is being put to the test this week. You know that success requires a heavy dose of downtime, and you’re usually a known expert in relaxation, but something about this week really throws you for a loop. Everyone has questions and you don’t have any answers. The new moon in Cancer on the 9th lets you rest, reset your schedule and try again.

This week’s mantra: Flow is fundamental.

2 gemini

For the third time since early May, your ruling planet Mercury clashes with hazy Neptune on the 6th. Communication—at work and with your boss, especially—has been complicated. You think you’re being clear, but no one understands you. After this week, the fog should finally clear. Use the new moon in Cancer on the 9th to get in touch with what really matters to you. A fancy meal and meandering conversation is a salve for your chatty soul.

This week’s mantra: Don’t go looking for clarity.

3 cancer

As money planet Venus faces off with steady Saturn and clashes with rule-breaker Uranus this week, you’re able to take a bold step and ask for a raise. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Your colleagues and friends are on your side. Now you just need to alert your clients that your rates have increased. The new moon on the 9th is for treating yourself. Splurge on a birthday facial before you convince yourself it isn’t something you “deserve.” You deserve it all!

This week’s mantra: You catch more flies with honey.

4 leo

With love planet Venus in your sign for the rest of the month, you’re indulging in a personal pre-birthday celebration. The big party comes later but for now, you’re planning your makeup and wardrobe for the future shenanigans. The new moon on the 9th falls in your unconscious sector and is the perfect time to begin a meditation practice or take a quick solo trip. Enjoy the calm while you can.

This week’s mantra: Wait your turn.

5 virgo

You’re not imagining things: On the 6th, your ruling planet Mercury squares off with confusing Neptune for the third time since early May. The miscommunications at work are back with a vengeance but this time, you realize that it isn’t your fault. Someone just isn’t listening. Then the new moon on the 9th falls in your friendship sector: a moment to recognize and appreciate the strong bonds you’ve built this year with your coworkers and community.

This week’s mantra: If they’re with you, they’re with you.

6 libra

The new moon in Cancer on the 9th brings the fresh start for your career that you wanted back in April or May but couldn’t get started. Your boss teases, “I have good news! We should talk.” An offer arrives in your inbox. You’re not feeling like a side character in the movie of your own life anymore! It’s a relief but you also have to blow off a few social engagements to pull yourself together. Skip the guilt and keep moving.

This week’s mantra: Be the main character you wish to see in the world.

7 scorpio

What do you want? Last week’s events put you in a state of analysis paralysis. You’re not a fan of change and that seems to be all there is on the menu these days. Though it’s nice of you to take every friend and lover’s opinion into consideration, no one can decide what to do but you. Big shifts are in store for both your career and home life. The new moon in Cancer on the 9th helps you put everything into perspective as part of your larger journey.

This week’s mantra: Respect the process.

8 sagittarius

A conflict you thought was resolved with your ex or a former roommate pops up again on the 6th. You sent her the Venmo for your sister-in-law’s wedding present, but she never deposited it into her account. This didn’t have to be a conversation and yet somehow, it is. Again. The new moon in Cancer on the 9th lets you turn the page on this once and for all and open your heart to healthier collaborations.

This week’s mantra: The worst debt is the energetic kind.


The spark that’s been missing in your relationship returns as the sun connects with surprising Uranus on the 5th. You’ve been craving something romantic and intoxicating but you learn that what you were really missing was a good laugh. Isn’t it nice to play together? The new moon in Cancer on the 9th brings a deep sigh of relief in your relationship dynamic. Take a long walk and enjoy each other’s company.

This week’s mantra: The simple times are often the best.

10 aquarius

After last week’s constant squabbling, your partner wants to make things up to you this week. But at what point does all the apologizing become more tiring than the actual fight? Use the new moon in Cancer on the 9th to forgive, forget and fall back into a boring, mundane routine. Isn’t it nice when life doesn’t get more complicated than whose turn it is to cook dinner? You have permission to live in the slow lane.

This week’s mantra: Take the scenic route.

11 pisces

Progress is slow these days. You’re frustrated at the universe for sending you mixed signals and false hopes. But perhaps this is a clue that you need to slow down. Opportunities are everywhere but you don’t know which ones to take. There’s no rush. What’s worth pursuing will be available when you’re ready to decide. The new moon in Cancer on the 9th brings an amazing date or an even more satisfying cry. Vulnerability is your current key to success.

This week’s mantra: Enjoy the ride.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can subscribe to her newsletter for more musings on the stars.