Your Weekly Horoscopes: February 3 to 9

It’s your new moon on the 4th, Aquarius! For you, this is an especially powerful lunation for setting the tone for the next month. Think about what you really want right now—to move, to conceive, to help your mom, to break up, to publish—and draft a (short) plan to get there. If you brainstorm on paper, you’ll at least get past step one.

This new moon on the 4th will help you relax, Pisces. If you’ve been torturing yourself to meet every deadline and please everyone around you, it’s time to turn your attentions inward. You have the power to calm all that down and enjoy your own body and existence in a quiet, content manner. You just have to imagine it.

The new moon on the 4th is all about being social, Aries, so break out your best jokes and icebreakers. Wherever you seek acceptance, you shall find it, because this week (and perhaps this month, and perhaps even longer than that) you are one of the cool kids.

If you get an opportunity to switch departments or dip a toe into an adjacent field that intimidates and intrigues you, don’t think twice about raising your hand. The new moon on the 4th will boost you up any ladder you climb, especially if you’re taking risks to do so.

If you’re presented with an opportunity to bond with your in-laws, take it, Gemini. You may not always enjoy your partner’s (or sibling’s partner’s) folks, but the new moon on the 4th will inspire you to feel warm and familial with people outside of your immediate nucleus.

On the 4th, the new moon gives you a little windfall, Cancer. It likely won’t come via a paycheck (although it might), but you could win some money or encounter favorable negotiations with an ex you’re separating from. Keep your eyes (and wallet) open for opportunities to make some cash.

This week is a beaut when it comes to partnership. If you’re married or about to be, the new moon on the 4th will inspire a big romantic mood between you and your beloved. Do something cute together, like share butterscotch sundaes or go ice skating. You can always go back to being sarcastic curmudgeons next week.

Job hunting is stressful, but the new moon on the 4th wants to give you your big break. If you have an interview, schedule it right after this date to maximize the power of this lunation. But preparation is half the fight, Virgo, so have your “overcoming challenges” anecdotes at the ready.

Your creative juices are flowing this week, Libra, especially after the new moon on the 4th. If you’ve been holding down the fort at home or at work, wiping snot and closing deals may not be enough to fulfill you. Whatever your side passion is—karaoke, knitting sweaters, calligraphy, acting—your talents are sharp right now. Get yourself an audience.

Whether you’re in a cold climate or not, the new moon on the 4th is encouraging your homebody instincts. Cozy up on the couch to finish sending your emails or binge-watch something on Netflix instead of going out. (Apparently, everyone and their mom is watching You; so maybe join in on the stalker fun?) If friends want to come over, that’s a different story, of course...

If you’re in school, try to aim for learning something rather than going for the A. The stakes always feel high in academia, but let’s remember: School is the best setting for trying and failing. So don’t be afraid to fail…hard. More will come from falling down and climbing back up than perfect grades. The new moon on the 4th may inspire you to construct a hypothesis that truly may or may not prove valid. Who knows? You could spark a breakthrough in your field.

Whether or not you’re about to take a new job or ask for better assignment, the new moon on the 4th will help make the work you’re already doing more meaningful and lucrative. Your hustle is always inspiring, Capricorn, but it may feel like it’s contributing to something bigger in your life this week.

Kiki O'Keeffe is an astrology writer in Brooklyn. You can sign up for her newsletter, I don't believe in astrology, or follow her Twitter @alexkiki.

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