Your Weekly Horoscopes: February 17 to 23

The Snow Moon is upon us—are you prepared? This one is like an emotional polar vortex, so stock up on your favorite seltzer and hugs from your best Taurus pal (they give the best ones). This moon peaks on the 19th in Virgo, and it’s another supermoon, coming as close to earth as possible. Expect the emotional swings to feel high stakes and beware of easy answers or pat solutions. But this is a Virgo moon! Skepticism can only help you during this time.

10 aquarius

Taxes and death are two of life’s certainties, and this week you may prefer the latter to get out of the former. The Snow Moon on the 19th may rudely show you how woefully unprepared you’ve been. Sure, you have a drawer somewhere with all your receipts and W2s, 1099s or whatever they are, but if you’re writing things off (lattes are a business expense when you can’t function without them, right?) or cobbling together various sources of income, it’s a lot more complex than you’d hoped. Brace yourself for a scolding from your accountant...

11 pisces

Oh, Pisces, this week may really test your marriage or live-in partnership. The Snow Moon on the 19th is ruthless, exposing any deceptions or willful misconceptions you two have held onto to make it work. If the glue holding you together is no longer as sticky as it once was, consider taking a break or trying counseling to get a fresh perspective. It doesn’t mean you have to end the relationship, but it might mean you have to begin a new one…together.

12 aries

This week is an excellent one for networking, meeting with people who share your interests and just plain feeling like part of a team. Only problem is, the Snow Moon on the 19th may keep you chained to your desk with a pile of work or home with the flu and a pile of tissues. You can medicate an illness or plow through assignments—but it’s harder still to treat FOMO. As tempting as it is, don’t be a hero. Your friends will be waiting when you’re back at peak strength and ready to hear all the hot goss you missed.

1 taurus

If you’re taking a trip with your partner or your kids, make sure to build in some alone time (easier said than done when everyone relies on you to negotiate with the hotel for upgrades). While everything may seem copacetic at first (you nabbed club level access!), the Snow Moon on the 19th may escalate the bickering to a Housewives-esque scene that gets you escorted out of the exclusive club level dining room. If you allow for some cool-down time, you may be able to leave on one flight (and in one piece).

2 gemini

Be wary of charlatans who flatter your ego and promise instant prestige or status. The Snow Moon on the 19th may tempt you with some easy life hack or get-rich-quick tip, but get real, Gem. It’s your talent and hard work over time that will actually lead to success. You’re 99.99 percent not going to get discovered in a mall or hit the mega-million jackpot. And a timeshare will not save you money in the long run. If they try to lure you into the free seminar with the promise of fresh croissants, skip it. You can get your own at a bakery around the corner, sans sales pitch.

3 cancer

You’re already a sensitive sign, Cancer (whether you’re the type to wear it up front or keep it shelled in), and the Snow Moon on the 19th may get you in your feelings. Whether it’s a confrontation with a sibling or a friend, or you’re festering over something that happened three years ago, you may find yourself tongue-tied and overwhelmed. To help move along this emotional logjam, write out an email you may or may not send. At the very least, it’ll help you organize and catalogue what you’re going through and point you where you need to go. Maybe you’ll even want to deliver the message in person.

4 leo

If you’re waiting on money news—a new potential client or a raise you thought was in the bag—the Snow Moon on the 19th may dash your hopes a little. It can be devastating to face up to issues of diminished income or debts, no doubt about it. But it also may inspire you to adopt a few good habits, like forgoing Uber and Lyft rides in favor of ride-sharing or public transportation or going dry for a month to save money. Supermoons like this one show us where we’ve fallen, but also how to get up. With a few small adjustments now, you can see big gains later.

5 virgo

Oof, Virgo, you might feel this Snow Moon on the 19th the hardest. It’s happening in your sign, which could shake up your most committed partnership or invigorate a long-standing enemy to renew their gripes. Whatever it is, you might feel isolated and unsupported—even if it’s not true. This lunation will test your independence and ability to cultivate self-esteem without encouragement from the outside world. Very difficult! But you are scrappy and smart and 100 percent up to this challenge. And after it’s over, you may believe that.

6 libra

Nightmares. Recurring childhood fears. Cold sweats. Are you watching a horror film or is it the Snow Moon on the 19th? Seriously, the tension is coming from inside your psyche. You may not experience an external conflict (although warning: everyone is going to feel a little cranky around this time), but any long-standing or deep-seated anxieties about who you are and where you’re going in life may flare up. If you struggle with anxiety and depression, be extra tender with yourself. But don’t worry: You’ll still be standing at the end of the movie.

7 scorpio

You might find yourself smack-dab in the middle of BFF drama, especially if the Snow Moon on the 19th senses any passive aggression in your circle that wants to become a little less passive. If Amanda from book club is pre-ordering hardcovers without asking and then demanding to be paid back, someone (you?) is going to have to calmly educate her on the concept of boundaries. That is not necessarily a euphemism for blowing up in her face, but it’s not not that, either...

8 sagittarius

You might feel like the Snow Moon on the 19th is checking you, Sagittarius. Whether it’s your boss harping on one punctuation error (Oxford commas are a choice, and they are valid, COMMA, and they deserve to be recognized) or your dad wondering aloud why you aren’t up for an Oscar, it feels like nothing you do is up to snuff. If you can bite your tongue and smile, you won’t win an Oscar (probably!), but the tension will pass, and you will go back to winning people over.


Your in-laws are killing you this week with their wonderful passive-aggressive way of communicating. If you can avoid travel or extensive quality time with them, take that excuse no matter how thin (hey, a Seinfeld marathon only comes along once a Tuesday). The Snow Moon on the 19th may manifest serious familial drama that you don’t want or need—and all the worse if you’re trapped in close quarters. If you cannot flee, find a good outlet to let you talk about it. You may be the only sensible one in a room full of clowns, but at least you can complain, right?

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