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Your Weekly Horoscopes: December 30 to January 5

New year, new moon, baby! Even if you’re the same old you, the cosmos are inviting you to freshen up your life. On New Year’s Eve, Mars will enter his home sign, Aries, supplying us all with a powerful dose of self-esteem, motivation and drive to make those resolutions actually stick. Then the partial solar eclipse in Capricorn on the 5th will help structure all that wild energy, setting us up for long-term success. Is it too early to say 2019 will be better than 2018? Yes! But we’re thinking it anyway... 

P.S. Remember to read for your rising sign as well, as it tells you what part of your life is most affected by your horoscope!


You’re hosting the party, Capricorn, which means this New Year’s Eve will be meticulous. Just remember to let yourself have fun—the h’ors d’ouevres are for you, too. Meanwhile the solar eclipse is in your sign on the 5th, asking you to think about what you really want versus what others want for you. If you can focus on the former, you’ll probably end up with everything.

10 Aquarius  

You may get carried away by a good conversation on New Year’s Eve, so ignore your friends who are pulling you on the dance floor if that’s just not where your night wants to go. Meanwhile the solar eclipse on the 5th will ask you to reflect on all you accomplished last year before taking new steps in 2019. You’re already smart; now it’s time to get wise.

11 Pisces  

You’ve got a newfound fire for making money, so use that New Year’s momentum to commit to at least one savings tactic (like investing a small amount in an index fund or upping your retirement contribution). But it’s all about balance, Pisces, so feel free to allocate time to your closest friends, especially around the solar eclipse on the 5th. Those relationships pay dividends over the long term.

12 Aries  

You’re feeling amped rather than overwhelmed by the new year, so party all night and bring on the 6 a.m. barre class before brunch on the 1st! Meanwhile the solar eclipse on the 5th will help you harness these cosmic tailwinds for maximum career acceleration, so feel free to show off (more than usual) at the office.

1 Taurus  

You love material comforts, Taurus, but this week (especially New Year’s Eve), start thinking about how you can mentally pamper yourself (meditation apps, ASMR videos, lavender essential oils). Then, on the 5th, let the solar eclipse pull you out of your cocoon and into an unfamiliar locale. Whether that’s Cartagena or the ice-skating rink you’ve been meaning to visit, the risk will pay off.

2 Gemini  

Go ahead and RSVP yes to every New Year’s Eve party, because you’ll be in the mood to bounce around and see absolutely everyone in an absolutely fabulous outfit. Hey, you can’t get bored when you are constantly pivoting to a new conversation! Meanwhile the solar eclipse on the 5th will help you narrow down a few concrete goals for the month. Sometimes progress necessitates baby steps, Gemini. We know you’re already bored.

3 Cancer  

You might go hard for New Year’s Eve and then go home before the ball drops. Look, your focus at the top of the year is on career and personal brand, so you can’t afford to sacrifice your valued beauty rest. Meanwhile, the solar eclipse on the 5th will inspire a recommitment to your spouse or partner, which you can feel free to celebrate with the Champagne you saved from the party.

4 Leo  

You might be traveling over New Year’s Eve—or at least party-hopping enough to feel like you’re constantly on the move. You may want to plant your nomadic self on the 5th, when the solar eclipse asks you to recommit to healthy habits. Whether you feel inspired to go full-Goop or just stretch before your morning run (you should always be doing that, by the way…), you’re in the best cosmic position for a routine refresh.

5 Virgo  

If you’re having a game night for New Year’s Eve, you might get a little rabid before mercilessly crushing your opponents. Careful not to fall for petty rivalries—they won’t matter past this week, let alone the rest of the year. Then the solar eclipse on the 5th puts you in a softer, snugglier mood with your significant other, who might want to stay home all day and give you a massage. Who are you to stop them?

6 Libra  

Skip the New Year’s Eve parties of faceless acquaintances in favor of a Michelin-star meal and a post-prandial snuggle with a spouse or a committed partner. Meanwhile, use the solar eclipse on the 5th to dream big new plans for your home. If one is chosen for domestic greatness, one must answer the call, Libra.

7 Scorpio  

Between socializing, working hard and sleeping, they say you can only really choose two, Scorpio. It’s unlikely you’re going to drop your responsibilities along with the 2019 ball, so maybe skip one of the pre- or after-parties and give yourself some breathing room. If you’re able to take a little trip out of town after the solar eclipse on the 5th, that might help restore some sanity to your routine.

8 Sagittarius  

Ooh, you might get to smooch someone special this New Year’s Eve, so if you’re not already partnered up, be open to sparks wherever they may fly. On the 5th, the solar eclipse will bring you money! Or at least the clarity of mind to strategize how to get more. Your plans are good, so take them seriously and write them down this time.

Kiki O'Keeffe is an astrology writer in Brooklyn. You can sign up for her newsletter, I don't believe in astrology, or follow her Twitter @alexkiki.

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