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Your Weekly Horoscopes: December 23 to 29

It’s the holiday week, and clearly the stars got the memo that it’s a time for chilling out, appreciating our loved ones and chowing down. Whereas we suffered chaos and tension (and overstuffed bellies) around Thanksgiving, we’re getting a sweet, peaceful week of planetary harmony this time. That’s something we can all celebrate.

Remember to read for your rising sign as well, as it tells you what part of your life is most affected by your horoscope.


This is a chill week for you, which is perfect because, if you’re honest, all of the holiday foofaraw and accoutrements can get in the way of what really makes you happy: being around your nearest and dearest. A low-key gathering where you can watch the Griswolds and drink ’nog is what you would file under: idyllic.

10 Aquarius  

You’re in high demand this week, Aquarius, with your jokes, your charm, your encyclopedic knowledge of current events and so forth. That goes double if you’re married, and the two of you will be quite the seasonal power couple in your circle. Don’t worry—the reign won’t end until at least after New Year’s...

11 Pisces  

Your body has felt the toll of the pre-holiday sprint to get everything done, so this week is all about one thing: treating yourself. Oh, it’s about love and community and presents and all that, but never forget that you are the queen. And the queen gets back rubs now and then. The crown’s heavy, you know.

12 Aries  

Bringing someone home for the first time? Whether you’re an established couple or just starting to settle down, this week may feel like a honeymoon. When the mood strikes, who are you to ignore it? Stuff each other’s faces with pie and lean into the adorableness of it all—you can get away with it this time of year.

1 Taurus  

If you have been dying to do the holidays your way—your Yankee Swap rules, your recipe for pecan pie that doesn’t give you diabetes, your tasteful decorations—you might be the queen of the season this week. You’ve got a lot of influence with the people around you, so wield it for good, Taurus. Give the people the pie they deserve.

2 Gemini  

Giving the holiday toast? Singing the songs at karaoke? You’re always expressive, but this week you’re extra gregarious, affectionate and gooey. Your biting wit and sarcastic edge are nowhere to be found. I guess you contain multitudes, Gemini—or shall we say, multi-yuletides. (Sorry.)

3 Cancer  

This week you may feel a little more secure than usual, Cancer, and it’s nice, isn’t it? You hustled to meet every deadline, and now you can actually enjoy the time off. You may end up sleeping quite a bit, so don’t forget to wake up and say hi to everyone. They miss you!

4 Leo  

You’re in the mood to be cozy this week, and maybe your interpretation of a “festive” dress code includes silk pajamas. Hey, it’s a look! The good news is, you’re more likely to be lauded for your creativity than scolded, because everyone else is totally on that page. They just wanted you to lead the pack, lion.

5 Virgo  

It’s rare that a Virgo is ever truly comfortable, but you may come very close this week. Your mind and your environment are in total harmony, and it’s possible you might enjoy l’esprit of the season more than anyone. You’re not even that fazed by the cavalier disregard of coasters! (No, we understand—we’re taking care of it ASAP.)

6 Libra  

As the most social sign, it’s no surprise that you’re mingling (and jingling) all week long. Even if you’re planted in one place, odds are your phone is lit up with notifications from your million BFFs trying to schedule plans and share holiday gossip (it’s definitely a thing). Just make sure to spread that cheer (or spill that tea) IRL as well, Libra.

7 Scorpio  

You’ve got lofty questions on your mind, Scorpio. Where are you going, what are you doing, what’s the next step? The answers begin with where you are and how well you are able to appreciate the quiet gift of this week away from your usual routine. Translation: get your head out of the clouds and into this gingerbread, tout suite!

8 Sagittarius  

Sagittarius is the sign of Santa Claus—optimistic, cheerful and generous. This week you’re channeling that archetype more than usual, stepping in to rescue the snickerdoodles before they fall to the floor or surprising your niece with her soon-to-be favorite book. Just make sure to be as generous to yourself—we hear you’ve been good this year!

Kiki O'Keeffe is an astrology writer in Brooklyn. You can sign up for her newsletter, I don't believe in astrology, or follow her Twitter @alexkiki.

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