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Your Weekly Horoscopes: December 2 to 8, 2018

This is the week Mercury finally goes direct, thus ending our retrogrades for the year! Now our Wi-Fi will be working again, and our commutes won’t be beleaguered by road closures or train re-routes and our friends won’t misunderstand our terrible jokes and we will finally find happiness—well, it might not be all that rosy, but it’ll be a lot less dramatic for sure. 

Remember to read for your rising sign as well, as it tells you what part of your life is most affected by your horoscope.

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12 Aries  

It only seems like everyone has it better than you do right now. Look, we all fall prey to jealousy from time to time, but the way out is to take a little self-esteem inventory of all you’ve done. Start a brag journal, if you need to, and use the new moon on the 7th to channel your feelings into something creative. The stars are rooting for you.

1 Taurus  

The bickering between you and your spouse right now is probably due to the communication breakdown of Mercury retrograde. But after the 6th, you’ll know for sure. Meanwhile, use the new moon on the 7th to make a play for more money, a bigger bonus, a better deal on a new couch, etc. You know how to get what you want—and more than anyone else, you know what you want.

2 Gemini  

Your email is blowing up, and you’ve been keeping up… barely. Mercury’s going direct will help you streamline your workflow so that you aren’t compulsively replying “no problem!” when, in fact, there might be a problem! Use the new moon on the 7th to take a break from responsibilities and spend a sweet, sexy night with your spouse or a committed partner. Guaranteed they miss you right now.

3 Cancer  

If you’re hung up on someone who won’t text you back in a timely manner, you will learn on the 6th whether or not such communication malfunctions were the vicissitudes of Mercury retrograde, or if they were a complete waste of time (ugh). Either way, use the new moon the following day to recommit to a daily routine that serves you. Whether that’s yoga in the morning or baths in the evening, be selfish with this one.

4 Leo  

No need to push yourself this week, Leo. You’re entitled to retreat, and it’s honestly healthy after a lot of holiday madness to take some time to hibernate if you can. But after a week of cocooning, you might want to re-enter society—and you should, because the new moon on the 7th is a very lucky time for you to meet someone who catches your fancy. Sometimes the universe’s blessings are tall, dark and handsome...

5 Virgo  

Wow, are things getting very serious with you and a significant other? After the new moon on the 7th, you could decide to move in, or make some other big commitment. This is a sexy and exciting time, so don’t worry if your butterflies feel a lot like nerves. Opening up is hard, Virgo, but this is the time to work against your usual current.

6 Libra  

With Mercury going direct on the 6th and the new moon on the 7th, you are finding your silver tongue to be extra silvery. With your talents for persuasion and negotiation in peak form, make sure you use them not only to get that lower internet bill, but also to stick up for friends or family who need it. Your natural instincts for diplomacy will ensure that everyone walks away on good terms (aka don’t worry, everyone will still like you).

7 Scorpio  

Maybe you’re feeling a little misunderstood these days, especially with friends. Just because they don’t always get your dark sense of humor doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate it. But if you’re feeling a little lonely, you can soothe yourself with some retail therapy after the new moon on the 7th. It’s not to be abused, of course, but if you’ve been eyeing a sweater that just went on sale, shop your way to happiness just this once.

8 Sagittarius  

Luck is on your side this week, particularly after the 6th, when Mercury goes direct, and on the 7th, when the new moon hits. You’ll be feeling a (much deserved) boost of self-esteem and a sense that you can take on any challenge. That kind of optimism is exactly why you’re so impressive to the people who know you. So set the bar high, because you can probably clear it and impress yourself.


You’ve probably found other people more tedious than usual, Capricorn, especially during Mercury retrograde when people change their minds on an endless loop of indecision. Use the new moon on the 7th to find your zen. Say no to any obligations that are not essential. Sure, you like to stay busy with work, but taking care of yourself is work. (See what we did there?) Even if it involves bath bombs.

10 Aquarius  

The new moon on the 7th is your chance to connect with all the people you’ve met this year who have made a difference in your life and vice versa. You’ve probably got a ton of holiday parties to attend, and everyone loves a good toast (and you know how to give a really good toast). If you raise your glass, they’ll raise theirs to you, too. Cheers!

11 Pisces  

Oof, Mercury retrograde has been messing with your commute, Pisces, even if you haven’t been traveling super far. After the 6th, the bumps in your road should ease up considerably. Meanwhile the new moon will help you focus on a major career goal—one that’s been percolating all year. Give it your all, because it will make a difference in the home stretch of 2018.

Kiki O'Keeffe is an astrology writer in Brooklyn, New York. You can sign up for her newsletter, I don't believe in astrology, or follow her Twitter @alexkiki.

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