Your Weekly Horoscopes: August 1 to August 7

As we continue to emerge from the wreckage that was 2020, it’s important to address the role that each of us has to play in rebuilding our community. This week’s astrology is defined by the sun (our life force) opposing Saturn (our sense of responsibility) on the 2nd. This aspect is about taking bold action that benefits the collective. It’s about sacrificing our pride for the greater good. No wonder it’s found in the birth chart of celebs like Dolly Parton, Prince and Whitney Houston, whose star power stands the test of time. Like the sense of wonder and wholeness that comes from a clarifying meditation session, this week we have the opportunity to meet our most authentic selves.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that sign too will provide further insight.)

12 aries

As Mercury meets the sun on the 1st, you get some clarity about whether your longtime hookup buddy wants to take things to the next level. You two are finally talking about your feelings and you couldn’t be happier. But a wrench gets thrown into your joy when your BFF says your whole personality changes around him, and she doesn’t like it. Are you ready to integrate your secret crush into your real life?

This week’s mantra: No more hiding your feelings.

1 taurus

A major career opportunity causes you to miss out on a family obligation as the sun opposes Saturn on the 2nd. This isn’t the first time this summer that you’ve stressed over work/life balance, but this is the first occasion where you’ve hurt your sister’s feelings in the process. Things cool off later in the week and you’re able to have a productive heart to heart with her, addressing all the ways you both have changed.

This week’s mantra: Only apologize if you mean it.

2 gemini

Mercury meets the sun on the 1st and inspires you to take the kids on a quick road trip to a place that meant a lot to you when you were their age. Though the last year has been incredibly difficult to navigate as a parent, you really enjoy getting to teach your kids about the things that you love. School and travel are of course meant to expand your mind, but there’s a lot to learn from life’s simple experiences too.

This week’s mantra: Go your own way.

3 cancer

As the sun faces off with Saturn on the 2nd, you’re put in the enviable position of having to choose the best place to contribute a considerable sum of money. Whether it’s a lot in general or just a lot for you, you’re overwhelmed by the options you have for stretching your resources. Putting your funds into a business that supports your community could be a smart investment for your entire family’s future.

This week’s mantra: Keep the money flowing.

4 leo

It’s your birthday season, but you can’t enjoy the celebration with your usual reckless abandon. The Sun-Saturn opposition on the 2nd has you brushing up against your limits and responsibilities. You’re being asked to show up for your community as much as your community has shown up for you. What can you give up for the benefit of others? You have the charisma to inspire your friends and family into taking action to change the world, so what do you really want to say?

This week’s mantra: Change starts with you.

5 virgo

Mercury meets the sun on the 1st and you have a brief but considerable breakthrough about how much you’ve been letting your anxieties run your life. So caught up in the frustration of not being able to change a situation that’s out of your control, you’ve forgotten when and where you do have power. Start with the small things. Switch to an analog alarm clock. Read before bed. These incremental shifts create a framework that improves your overall quality of life.

This week’s mantra: Do the work.

6 libra

As the sun opposes Saturn on the 2nd, you’re reminded once again that you can no longer relate to your friends who don’t have children. This fact was especially obvious during quarantine but as things have opened up again, you’ve tried to integrate some old social habits that no longer work. Even if you don’t have kids, you’re discovering that it’s time to let some connections fade away. Remember that community is about accepting an invitation.

This week’s mantra: Belonging requires landing.

7 scorpio

As Mercury meets the sun on the 1st, you receive some positive and grounding news for your career. You’re moving onto the next round of interviews; your bestie’s boyfriend has an open position at his company; and, at the very least, your current employer is willing to increase your salary. As your job hunt gets more serious, you’re accepting that you may have to move to a different city to chase your dreams. Change is hard, but now’s the time to embrace it.

This week’s mantra: Break out of your comfort zone.

8 sagittarius

The sun opposes Saturn on the 2nd and your best laid plans for travel or continuing education have to be put on the backburner so you can take care of things closer to home. How can you expand your mind from the comforts of your own neighborhood? A conversation with your favorite barista or bartender on the 3rd reminds you how important it is to consider others’ perspectives.

This week’s mantra: Think local.


As the sun opposes Saturn on the 2nd, you’re humbled to ask for some financial help. Your business partner needs to fund all of your joint startup expenses, your parents need to co-sign your dream apartment or your boyfriend has to cover the anniversary dinner that was supposed to be your treat. Try to receive this generosity with as much grace as is being given to you.

This week’s mantra: Kindness isn’t weakness.

10 aquarius

Mercury meets the sun on the 1st and you finally get clarity on where your new relationship is headed. It sounds cliché but having the “what are we?” conversation on this day actually brings answers rather than leaving you with even more questions. As both the sun and Mercury are opposing steady Saturn, why not blurt out “I love you” and make a commitment? It’s an auspicious time for love, so make this the first day of the rest of your life.

This week’s mantra: Ask the question.

11 pisces

As Mercury meets the sun on the 1st, you finally get some answers about a confusing health issue that’s been complicating your life for months. Now that you know what’s going on, you can move ahead with a treatment plan. Dealing with this stress has kept you from social engagements and you might feel especially isolated as you recover. An unexpected phone call from an old friend on the 3rd brightens your week and helps you embrace a positive outlook for what’s ahead.

This week’s mantra: Keep with the cure.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can subscribe to her newsletter for more musings on the stars.