Your Weekly Horoscope: August 15 to August 21

Venus returns to her home sign of Libra on the 16th, bringing joy and ease to your closest relationships. Though Mercury’s conjunction with Mars on the 17th may correlate to arguments over mundane things like chores or meal prep or who left the window open all night, your normally fiery heart is much more attuned to compromise. A sudden insight for improving your workflow or fitness schedule on the 20th is also a highlight. Don’t take the simple things for granted. Bottle up the vibes.

This week’s mantra: Love is SO easy.

Venus’s move into Libra on the 16th motivates you to build healthy habits. It’s time to create boundaries with your work email, write a grocery list and finally dig into that stack of books that you swore you were going to read. Though Mercury’s clash with Mars on the 17th brings some excitement to your dating life—which is less a romantic breakthrough and more excellent fodder for your group chat—you’re otherwise moving forward without distractions.

This week’s mantra: Focus on the things you can do.

Though this week brings that feel-good energy for everyone, you’re feeling extra indulgent as Venus enters Libra on the 16th. The love planet’s return to the part of your chart that rules romance, sex and creativity inspires you to not only download the apps and flirt with your bartender, but also to write a poem or sing a song about it. Though Mercury’s clash with Mars on the 17th brings a conflict at home (your annoying roommate may reveal themselves to be a true hidden enemy), your extracurricular activities keep the vibes high.

This week’s mantra: Your heart wants whatever it wants.

You’re known for your domesticity: your kitchen hacks that rival Martha Stewart’s, your abundant garden and your aspirational loungewear. Venus’s return to Libra on the 16th reminds you that though everyone admires your cozy taste, you haven’t felt truly at home in a long time. Not until now. Allowing yourself to relax is a rare treat so don’t waste it worrying about your lack of networking or “career advancement.” Your big achievements won’t matter if you don’t have a strong foundation so put the effort into your house.

This week’s mantra: Home IS where the heart is.

Your sister means everything to you and over the last few years, especially with the pandemic, your opportunities to see her have been few and far between. Venus’s return to Libra on the 16th coalesces a plan to spend some quality time with her. This transit also brings extra support from other close friends who feel like family. Meanwhile, there’s so much work to be done and you can’t take a break from the hustle and grind. Lean on what’s familiar for support.

This week’s mantra: You’re the curator of your own reality.

You can’t help but be straight-forward (and maybe a touch aggressive) this week as Mercury and Mars clash on the 17th in your sign. If you’re leading a project at work or giving a presentation, this aspect either brings extreme clarity or an unnecessary outburst. Try to use your discernment for fine-toothed editing rather than harsh critique. Venus’s shift into Libra on the 16th brings some much-needed improvement to your finances, inspiring you to create better systems for tracking your cash.

This week’s mantra: Don’t underestimate the power of suggestion.

Your ruling planet Venus’s homecoming to your sign on the 16th hits like a pure boost of adrenaline and confidence. The bags under your eyes are nonexistent and even your commute is easier. Everything feels light! Though Mercury’s clash with aggressive Mars on the 17th brings strange dreams that could leave you feeling paranoid, your commitment to taking care of yourself overrides the painful “what ifs?”. For the next few weeks, it’s OK to lean into skincare, splurge on makeup and let yourself be a little vain.

This week’s mantra: Your body is your temple so treat it like one.

Everyone around you has a certain glow as Venus moves into Libra on the 16th. But Libra is your unconscious sector and though this transit could bring calming meditation or nights with 12-plus hours of rest, it also could lead to some indulgent self-sabotage. Yes, you deserve takeout every night, but can you afford it? A blunt conversation with a friend on the 17th snaps you out of attempting anything too self-destructive. The best thing you can do for yourself right now is to find comfort in being alone.

This week’s mantra: Avoidance is a form of abandonment. Check on yourself!

Venus’s triumphant return to her home sign of Libra on the 16th uplifts your social life and inspires you to circulate. The transits have not been easy on you this summer and last week’s new moon was less of a fresh start and more of an existential crisis. Venus’s journey through Libra for the next few weeks reminds you how connected you really are. Though Mercury’s clash with Mars on the 17th heats up conflict at the office, your current diplomatic streak soothes the tension so you can keep moving.

This week’s mantra: Nothing is better than good friends.

Whether you’re in the midst of a job search or just stuck in a tidal wave of admin work that’s simply beneath you, this week’s astrology brings wonderful news for your career! Venus’s shift into Libra on the 16th has you feeling confident taking up more space. Leadership opportunities are waiting for you as you’re finally being recognized for your worth. Who cares what your crush or your parents or your college frenemy thinks about what you’re doing? If it makes you happy, keep going.

This week’s mantra: Your job is not your worth, but it doesn’t hurt to feel powerful.

Every time you’ve tried to start a class, take a trip or just read a lengthy novel recently, something else has gotten in the way. Venus’s shift into Libra on the 16th brings you the travel or education opportunity that you’ve been craving. The path is clear to expand your mind. Even with everything there is to explore, the sun’s opposition to Jupiter on the 19th leaves you feeling jealous of someone else’s success. Staying in your own lane is the secret to happiness.

This week’s mantra: Take the road less traveled and you won’t be bored!

Sweet Venus’s shift into Libra on the 16th lights up the part of your chart that deals with uncomfortable topics like death, taxes and debts. So while others might be living their best life right now, you’re feeling a looming sense of dread. But this transit is also an auspicious one for solidifying business agreements or taking out loans. The clash of Mercury and Mars on the 17th brings a fight with your business partner but it’s a necessary one if you two want to move ahead with both clarity and integrity.

This week’s mantra: Commitment is spooky but also worth it.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can subscribe to her newsletter for more musings on the stars.

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Jaime Wright is an astrologer and writer based in NYC. She has been writing PureWow’s weekly and monthly horoscope columns since 2019, and also authors the cult favorite...
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