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One day you’re frolicking through fall foliage while wearing a light sweater…and the next, the sun’s setting at 4 p.m. and no amount of layers can keep out the icy chill coming off the East River. While your instinct might be to turn to Netflix and various baked goods, these super-simple activities work wonders when it comes to lifting your spirits. (But hey, there’s room for Stranger Things, too.)

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hummus garlic NY

1. Mix some freshly chopped garlic into your Trader Joe’s hummus: The bulb helps boost immunity, particularly when eaten raw.

2. And make it a point to turn off your various screens and hit the hay at a reasonable hour—inadequate sleep puts you at a higher risk for catching a cold.

new york woman meditating LIST

3. Still have trouble turning off your brain? Try yoga nidra, a type of guided meditation that focuses on “conscious rest.” You’ll find sessions at MNDFL and Woom Center that will have you nodding off by the time you get home.

4. If you do succumb to that bug going around the office, make sure you have these sick-day essentials on hand.

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5. Don’t skip the dressing on that Sweetgreen salad: An Iowa State University study showed that eating fats and oils with your vegetables promotes the absorption of key nutrients. (Best news ever?)

6. If the idea of a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) class makes you want to burrow back under the covers, you can still get plenty of benefits from a leisurely stroll: Studies continue to show that physical activity (even the moderate, non-sweaty kind) helps ward off depression.

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7. Feeling stressed? Instead of heading to Soho for some retail therapy, opt for a trip to Wave Hill: A U.K. National Trust study showed that visiting a favorite place has a stronger positive effect on mood than belongings do. (And if you haven’t been to Wave Hill, trust us—stress doesn’t stand a chance against those Hudson River views.) 

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