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Some days you wake up feeling tired and crabby. Other days you bound out of bed in a great mood…and things go south as the day progresses. (We’re blaming the morning commute.) Whatever the reason, here are some quick tricks to keep in your back pocket the next time you need a little mood boost.

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Go for a quick walk outside. Sometimes all you need is some fresh air to clear your mind and shake things off.

...Or just look at pictures of the great outdoors. According to a study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, just looking at greenery can make you feel better.

Take a warm shower. Close your eyes and just let the water stream down your face. Lather up with your creamiest, most delicious-smelling body wash and you’ll start to feel those feelings of negativity go down the (ahem) drain.

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Listen to music. Think about what you need in the moment—a jolt of energy? A bit of serenity?—and adjust your playlist accordingly.

Straighten your posture. Chin up, back straight and shoulders down. No more slouching like an Eeyore (and feeling like one, too).


Spritz on some perfume. Anyone who has ever smelled a bag of popcorn being popped in the other room or walked by a flower boutique knows that scent has a powerful effect on your mood. (Note to self: make popcorn and buy a bouquet of peonies later.) 

Swipe on some lipstick. Coco Chanel once said, “If you’re feeling sad, add more lipstick and attack.” We think she was on to something.

Make a quick list of some things you love. Examples can be as small as “the feeling of putting on sweatpants after a long day” or as grand as “crossing the finish line at my first half-marathon.” It’s all about shifting your focus.


Share a funny post on Instagram. But only with your close friends. You know, the ones who share your dry sense of humor and will send you back an equally funny post within minutes.

…Or just look at funny posts and cute images. Anything that makes you smile. Like puppies or babies sitting in kitchen sinks. (What is he doing in there anyway, silly kid?) 

Repeat a positive mantra. Try saying it under your breath while sitting at your desk, in your car or in the quiet confines of a conference room. It feels hokey at first, but after a few reps, you’ll really start to believe what you’re saying.

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