Would You Try Leggings that Moisturize? 5 Women Gave Them a Go and Here are the Hot Takes

Next up in things-you-never-knew-you-needed-but-now-can’t-live-without: the UA Meridian + Moisture Infuse Leggings. The latest from Under Armour, this performance innovation was born from an observation by the brand’s research team that skin actually gets very dehydrated during training. In fact, most people lose an average of one liter of water every hour of exercise. (Whoa.)

So it comes as no surprise that with all that moisture lost, your skin craves hydration post-workout. Enter: The UA Meridian + Moisture Infuse Leggings, apparel that moisturizes your skin post-workout. The product contains tiny spheres that rehydrate the skin with the power of lotion sans the tedious application process. But don’t worry—you can’t actually feel the moisturizing component in the fabric (it’s not sticky or slimy) and the microspheres maintain for up to 50 wash cycles.

We gave these leggings to five different women to try after their exercise routine and here’s what they had to say.

1. The Best For Post-workout Comfort

“I wore these leggings after a barre class, Peloton class and a HIIT class and I noticed a difference after just a few wears. They have a buttery soft consistency making them super comfortable. I love that they look good in addition to having moisturizing benefits. Definitely would recommend to a friend—I have never seen other leggings that have these capabilities!” —Tori Simeone

2. Fabric That Won’t Stretch Out

“I've never tried UA Meridian + Moisture Infuse Leggings before and I like how innovative the idea is. I also love the feeling of the fabric against my skin. I wore them to stretch after my workout and it felt like my legs were being caressed at all times. Yes, the soft fabric is really that comfortable.” —Cassey Ho

3. Two Words: Foot Sleeves

“Having to adjust to teach cycling outside, my skin has been so sensitive and dry. I have a hard time also finding leggings that I can last in all day. I was able to wear these while I trained instructors for over six hours, and left them on for the rest of the day. They are so soft and as soon as you put them on they have a cooling sensation to them. I also love how convenient all the pockets are on the leggings—easy to fit your phone or even a wallet and keys. The foot sleeves are a great addition (my favorite part actually). And an added bonus, after taking the leggings off my legs were so hydrated and smooth like magic.” —Kalliopi Bourekas

4. Feel Like Second Skin

“These days, I’m working from home Monday through Friday and I need leggings that are comfortable to wear all day long. The first time I wore these, I was surprised when I took them off at the end—my legs felt so moisturized. I love, love, love how soft they are. I am all about leggings that feel like second skin and these are exactly like that! Oh, and did I mention there are pockets?!” —Mellie Cay

5. Legs Felt Softer After Continuous Wear

“First time I wore these leggings was after a pretty gloomy morning workout. They were warm enough and I liked the way they wrapped around my ankle to keep my feet warm. I noticed that my legs were softer and more supple when I took them off. The waistband isn’t too tight so I could honestly wear them all day and they have side pockets (amazing).” —Jordan McCrary

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