How to Use Umbrella Breathing To Reduce Stress and Recharge

You have 368 unread emails, your kid has a cold and you’re late for your dentist appointment. The last thing you have time to think about is the way you’re breathing.

But hear us out: Making one tiny adjustment in your breath can reduce your stress level, increase your energy level, strengthen your core and increase the amount of oxygen you’re taking in, all in a matter of seconds.

It’s called “umbrella breathing.” Here’s how it works: Imagine your entire body is a collapsed umbrella, where your feet are the handle and your head is the tip of the umbrella. As you breathe in, allow the air to expand to the sides, like you’re opening the umbrella. As you breathe out, collapse the umbrella again. This quick visualization will slow down your breathing and help your lungs reach their full capacity.

Repeat for a few minutes, until you feel calmer, more energized and ready to rock the rest of your day.