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Want to Master a New Language? Drink Wine, Says Science

France 2018: It’s happening. But even if you log a zillion hours brushing up on your French with Rosetta Stone, there’s actually a much better way to master a new language: wine.

We’re serious. According to researchers at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, drinking small amounts of alcohol—emphasis on the small—can actually improve fluency when speaking a new language as compared with how you sound when you’re sober.

Specifically, a sip or two of vino is most beneficial when it comes to reducing pronunciation anxiety, per the study—that is, if you’re already feeling proficient with a new language, that glass of Bordeaux could be the difference between you butchering BON-JORE as a greeting or seamlessly saying beau-JOU-reh.

We repeat: Don’t get drunk. But if nursing the house wine while out at a cute French bistro gives you the confidence you need to fully command the language, drink up.

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