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Feeling frustrated and flabby and not having any fun in your same old workout? It’s time you met L.A.’s latest fitness obsession: boxing classes that let you push yourself to levels of buffness you thought required all manner of fancy tech and contraptions. Nope—it turns out a jump rope, a heavy bag and lots of sit-up and push-ups are enough to whittle you down. Best of all, the hitting, punching and otherwise outward-directed aggression really help with the heavy-hitting anxieties of modern life. 

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Trinity gym 728x921
Trinity Boxing/ Facebook

Trinity Boxing Club
Based on a pro fighter’s training regimen, the hour-long class has you jumping rope, shadow boxing, hitting bags, throwing medicine balls and tossing off sooo many jumping jacks. This no-nonsense gym has two group classes a day in a cozy 1,500 square feet. Simple, intense and effective.
7817 Melrose Ave.; 323-653-3300 or

Box N Burn
During the signature class, you’ll supplement bag work with one-on-one mitt work (every class has four to eight instructors, so you get lots of personal attention). You’ll also get excellent lower-body conditioning with plyometrics, the fancy exercise term for propelling yourself upward until your thighs burn. 
Locations in Brentwood (424-832-3036) and Santa Monica (310-392-2651);

Crubox class
Cru Box/ Facebook

Cru Box
Gorgeous young Hollywood flocks to this dark basement lined with white heavy bags to be shouted at by take-no-prisoners instructors. Alternating easy-to-follow hit combinations with sit-ups and push-ups, the 45-minute CruHIIT class leaves you sore, sweaty and ready to soothe yourself at the Cryocafe next door.
8453 Melrose Alley; 323-917-5026 or

Let’s say you can’t quite remember the difference between a hook and a jab. The weekly Form + Function here gives you 60 minutes devoted to safely and accurately throwing punches. And, truthfully, you’ll want to check out the weekly Signature + Yoga class for 15 minutes of self-soothing after a signature 60-minute class at this beachy-looking studio.
1755 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica; 310-882-5508 or

Foxy fierce class1
Foxy & Fierce

Foxy and Fierce
Combine a boot-camp class with Thai kickboxing (that’s Muay Thai to you, newbie) and you get this upbeat program that operates out of a Hollywood martial arts dojo. You’re burning a minimum of 600 calories in an hour, so don’t let the bright Zen vibe fool you—this is the real deal.
7129 1/2 Sunset Blvd.; 323-876-1800 or

Prevail Boxing

After getting to know the upbeat young instructors and other boxing fans taking the 45- and 60-minute group classes, you’ll want to take a 30-minute Strike Lab sesh. It’s a one-on-one in which you learn from (and match wits with) a coach holding up pads for you to swat. You know, just like in all those boxing movies.
5957 W. Third St.; 323-452-0101 or

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