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You’re always on the same page…until it’s time to sleep. You’re a light sleeper who stirs at the slightest sound. He can sleep through an earthquake. You curl up into a tiny ball on your side of the bed. He spreads his gargantuan limbs like a starfish. It was cute at first (well, sort of), but now you’re exhausted. Here, eight tips for overcoming all the problems that come with sharing a bed.

sleep temps list

You prefer subzero temps and diving under your comforter for warmth. He likes to keep it at a balmy 80 degrees so he can sleep shirtless with one leg out. Compromise and set the thermostat to something in between (65 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended for optimal sleep) or double-fold the blankets so that one side has more coverage.

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Earplugs are great, but sometimes they can be uncomfortable…or slip out during the night. Try drowning out your partner’s snoring by encasing your head with a wall of pillows. It muffles the sound and is pretty darn cozy.

mattress list

Some people need an extra firm bed for lumbar support. Others like to sleep atop a fluffy cloud. Which is precisely why those Sleep Number beds exist. You can adjust either side to both of your preferences--or you can look into a split-king bed, which is basically a king-sized frame with two separate mattresses.

night owl list

You’re a night owl and often stay up past midnight reading…or scrolling through Instagram. He, on the other hand, passes out at 10 p.m. like clockwork. If you have the option, head to another room until you’re ready to sleep or get the proper equipment (like headphones and a headlamp for reading) so you don’t disrupt your slumbering partner.

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You sleep in cave-like conditions, while he never quite outgrew his, ahem, night-light. Get yourself a silk sleep mask (this one helps with fine lines!) or get him a low-wattage lamp with a warm yellow or orange bulb (blue or green disrupts sleep) to put near his side of the bed.

cuddle list

He loves to pull you close while he sleeps (and subsequently drools on you), but you lie awake because his arm is a far cry from your memory foam pillow. Instead of compromising your sleep (or his ego), snuggle for a few minutes before rolling over to your own sides of the bed (à la that episode of Friends where Ross teaches Chandler about the "hug and roll").

cover hog list

Cover hog
He is the opposite of chivalrous when he’s asleep, always yanking the comforter from you while you’re left to shiver in the middle of the night. This one’s easy: Get your own blanket.

The restless sleeper
While everyone changes positions throughout the night, some people take it to extreme levels, kicking and twisting and flailing their arms. Using separate blankets can help keep limbs contained. Or this may be another reason to consider that Sleep Number bed, which molds to your bodies and cuts down on bounce.

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