7 Things You Think Are Healthy...but Aren't

Like seltzer and brushing your teeth too much

You’re super proud of your “healthy” morning yogurt routine--until you realize, whoops, that teeny-tiny container is costing you more calories than a candy bar. (Ugh, if only you’d known.) Since knowledge is power, we bring you this list of supposed-to-be-good-for-you items that, we’re sad to say, are anything but.

Veggie Chips

Don’t let the word “veggie” fool you--these guys are basically on par with the calorie count and fat content found in regular potato chips. Even worse, any nutrients from the vegetables are lost when the chips are processed. Might as well eat the Lay's.


You love the bubbles, but it turns out the pH in carbonated waters--particularly flavored seltzers--can do a number on tooth enamel. Boo.

Balsamic Vinaigrette

It’s your go-to alternative to creamy, calorie-filled dressings. But unfortunately, a lot of commercial versions are knockoffs made with caramel coloring and thickeners like cornstarch, which majorly increases the sugar content. To avoid a bad-for-you version, peep the nutritional label for these ingredients before you buy. Natural is best.


That quarter-inch of delicious fruit puree on the bottom of your stawberry yogurt? Like we said, it can contain as much sugar as a candy bar. Instead, go for plain Greek yogurt. (You can still boost the flavor with fresh fruit like raspberries, which come with genuine nutritional benefits that won’t torpedo your diet.)

Light Beer

Just because it’s labeled “light” doesn’t always mean it has less calories. A lot of times, the word light refers to the alcohol content--aka whether or not you’ll get a buzz. Check the label (or awkwardly ask the bartender) about low-cal beers if you’re watching your daily totals.

Brushing Your Teeth Right After Every Meal

So, you ate a handful of gummy bears after lunch. That doesn’t mean you have to run straight to the bathroom with a toothbrush. Instead, it’s better to wait at least 30 to 60 minutes so that your saliva has a chance to neutralize the acid in your mouth--otherwise, according to research, brushing will erode your enamel even more.

Daily Trips To The Gym

Obvious but true: Your muscles need time to recover between workouts. Hitting the gym four to five times a week is ideal. Cut your body some slack!