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We all have a tendency to beat ourselves up over the little (especially the teeny-tiny) things. But what if just for one week you made a pact with yourself—and that annoying voice in your head—to just…stop? Here, seven nag-worthy things that don’t deserve a fraction of mind space this week.

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things to let slide 1
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The Vacuuming

Truth: Not many people other than you are inspecting the dust bunnies on your bedroom rug. Designate one or two rooms in your home that don’t get a ton of foot traffic and ignore the cleanup until for a week or two. Channel that energy into something productive…like catching up on sleep or Real Housewives.

things to let slide 2

'THE NEW YORKER' ARTICLE You Just Can’t Finish

You’re 1,000 percent fascinated by that 17-page essay on the South American cultural revolution…but you keep nodding off/zoning out/needing to flip back to page one just to remember the names of the key players. Three words: Let. It. Go. (Or try again next week—sometimes it’s just your frame of mind that’s slowing you down.)

things to let slide 3

The Minor Flub You’ve Been Replaying in Your Mind

All you had to do was be cool for 19 floors while sharing an elevator with your colleague, but instead you blurted out your thoughts about circumcision. Oops. Instead of letting the conversation replay over (and over) again in your head, ask yourself: In one year, will I even remember what I said? Nah, which is a good excuse to table it this week.

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things to let slide 4

The Saturday Yoga Session You Intended to Make—Then Skipped

You booked it. You even paid for it. But when your alarm went off, you rolled over, hit snooze and didn’t give it a second thought. Now you’re beating yourself up about the money spent and the weekend Zen not achieved. It’s fine. You’ll go next week. Besides, prioritizing extra shut-eye is never a bad thing.

things to let slide 5

The King Size Candy Bar You Devoured

It’s not like you’re eating them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Right?) Embrace the chocolate cravings. Enjoy the chocolate cravings. You can recalibrate next week.

things to let slide 6

A Couple of Missed Calls or Texts

Just because technology makes us available at all times, it doesn’t mean we have to be. Unless you’re getting actual SOS messages, it’s totally fine to get back to folks on your own schedule, even if that means in a few days.

things to let slide 7

That Major Life Decision You’ve Been Putting Off

Maybe you’ve been ruminating about a career change. Or trying to figure out when to go for baby #2. Sometimes the best decisions are the ones we table for a week and then revisit when we’re in a better (and more clearheaded) state. It’s not like you’re going to forget about it…you’re just pressing pause and focusing on the present for a couple days. Self-care, people.

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