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Popular culture would tell you that upon the stroke of midnight on their 30th birthdays, all women turn to dust, never to be seen or heard from again. But if you do happen upon one of these mystical creatures—whether she’s your friend, colleague, niece or dentist—try to avoid saying one these things to her. You can thank us later. 

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“When are you gonna have a baby?”

If—and when—she is going to have a baby, she will let you know. Trust us.

“Are you gonna freeze your eggs?”

Sure, you may be concerned that she hasn’t read enough literature on the subject, but unless she’s brought up the matter to you, even forwarding a link to an egg freezing article that came your way is overstepping your bounds. 

“I heard that if you’re over 35, it’s considered a geriatric pregnancy.”

Avoid the word “geriatric” until the day you’re helping her move into a nursing home, OK? (And even then, let’s stick with “golden years.”)

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“There are lots of health issues with pregnancies over 40.”

She has a doctor. She’s well aware.

“I would never have kids after I’m [FILL IN THE BLANK] years old.”

This is a great thought to write down in your diary. This is not a great thought to tell a woman of a certain age who is considering having kids at a certain age.

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“But you look so much younger!”

Thanks? But now you’re adding to the whole getting-older-is-bad culture. What’s wrong with looking your age? Nothing.

“Your skin looks 25, though.”

Same thing. Remarks like these are intended as compliments, but they pull double duty as tiny jabs.

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“But you don’t act old!”

Once again—what’s wrong with acting older?

“If I’m not successful by the time I’m 30, kill me!”

Weren’t you ever taught that it’s bad manners to entangle your law-abiding friend into a cold-blooded murder?

“Ew, my friend’s dating a guy who’s, like, 32.”

If you think 32 is a gross number, maybe keep it to yourself. (And hey, when you actually turn 32, you might have a change of heart.)

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“Never let an interviewer know your age.”

Way to tear down her confidence right before a big moment.

“That outfit feels a bit young.”

Let her be the judge of that. 

“I heard your body turns to mush as soon as you turn 30.”

In word: rude.

Ooh, you’re a cougar!”

Do we call men who date younger people by the name of a ferocious feline species? (“Whoa, he’s such an ocelot.”) No. So let’s drop it. Plus, her girlfriend’s only six months younger…sheesh.

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