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Well, 2016 is almost over. We’re in the final quarter. The home stretch. The front of the Cronut line. And while convention tells us to wait until January to attempt any major changes, a few small achievements before then will help you close out this year on a positive note. Here are ten ideas to get you started.

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1. Schlep those old clothes—the ones that have been sitting in a box in your closet forever—to Goodwill. There’s a need for donations year-round, and if you make it before the New Year, you can write off the value in your 2016 taxes.

2. Speaking of taxes, start to get your finances in order now. You don’t want to end up shuffling through receipts when April rolls around.

3. Unsubscribe from any subscriptions—paper or electronic—you don’t want anymore (or never signed up for in the first place). Try an app like Truebill to help you out.

4. Schedule a date to catch up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Yes, the holidays can get hectic, but making a point to reconnect will ground you and keep your stress levels in check.

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5. Plan a weekend getaway now for mid-February. It’ll give you something to look forward to during the coldest, bleakest part of winter. (If that’s not in your budget, a really relaxing staycation will do the trick.)

6. Take stock of your past year at work: Come time for annual reviews, you’ll have a clear outline of why you deserve that raise—or maybe a clearer idea that you’d like to go in a new direction.

7. Try out a new habit for a week: Walk an extra thousand steps a day, get a solid eight hours of sleep every night or forgo that third cup of coffee. When the week’s up, see how you feel—you may be motivated to keep going. (And if not, good for you for trying.)

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8. Bookmark a few recipes to try on extra-cold nights.

9. Look back on things you wish you’d done differently in the past year. Find out what you can learn from them and then forgive yourself completely.

10. Congratulate yourself on everything you accomplished in 2016. You deserve it.

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