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8 Things Every Mom Should Do for Herself Once a Year

Sure, you’re a super-mom who can unload the dishwasher while advising on multiplication tables and singing along to “Wheels on the Bus.” But have you done anything in the past year that’s strictly for you? Here, eight things we firmly believe every mom should do once every year, exclusively for herself.

1. Get a massage.
Because lifting a wriggling 30-pound weight isn’t doing anything for your left shoulder. 

2. Spend 24 hours away from your children.
If you can make it more like a week, more power to you.

3. Spend an ungodly amount of money on a piece of clothing you unabashedly love.
Yes, there are footie pajamas and toddler Crocs to buy, but you deserve that Rag & Bone leather jacket, dammit.

4. Make a new friend.
It's OK if she's another mom--but if so, make it a point to talk about something besides your kiddos.

5. Do something totally irresponsible.
You keep everyone on task 364 days a year. Take one night to drink five mojitos/leave your phone in a cab/impulse order a chaise lounge.

6. Take one photo where you look fantastic.
You’ve got ten zillion shots of your offspring looking adorable, but make sure you get somebody to take a few where you look smoking. (C’mon, you know the aforementioned 30-pound weight has done wonders for your biceps.)

7. Be a patron of the arts.
Could be the Cézanne exhibit. Could be the newest Ryan Gosling movie. Just get out, put on some lipstick and take in some culture.

8. Shell out for a professional cleaner.
Fact: A week off from toilet scrubbing will turn you into a new woman.

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