We’ll be the first ones to admit that this past year has been, err, challenging, to say the least. Between all of the video calls, toddler-wrangling and keeping the laundry room from taking over, our bodies and minds have been overrun with stress and sleep deprivation. That’s where The Nue Co. comes in. The wellness company blends science and innovation to redefine the relationship we have with our physical, mental and environmental health.

What’s more, The Nue Co. is taking their best-selling products and bundling them up for the holidays, creating ideal gift sets for anyone who needs a little oomph to go about their day. Plus, PureWow readers get 30 percent off with code PUREWOW30 when shopping any of the products linked below. Ahead, our favorite gift sets for every type of person on your holiday list (because we wanted to make it even easier for you).

The Nue Co.

For the One Who’s Always Tired: Stress Set

Nothing says de-stress like a much-needed full night of sleep, and this powerful duo is designed to help with exactly that (no sheep counting necessary). Sleep Drops are non-habit-forming and help you drift off naturally thanks to valerian root, passionflower, catnip and chamomile. This gentle yet powerful formula helps reduce anxiety and ensures you’ll actually stay asleep throughout the night. Want an extra boost? Pair it with Magnesium Ease, an innovative spray that’s absorbed through the skin and delivers 45mg of magnesium (because deficiency = negatively impacted sleep quality) in just three sprays. This essential mineral is paired with lavender and arnica oil to efficiently aid relaxation and muscle tension.

Buy It ($93; $65)

The Nue Co.

For the One Who’s Super Tense: Anti-Stress Fragrance Supplement

OK, OK: We know this technically isn’t a gift set, but it still deserves a spot on this list because it’s a truly unique product that we need to discuss. Say hello to Forest Lungs, a unisex sensory supplement that delivers the healing effects of nature to the body. This replicates that feeling of natural wellbeing and is designed to support the reduction of everyday stress and anxiety. How? Forest Lungs fuses olfactory chemistry (sense of smell) with phytoncides (molecular compounds created by trees)—which are credited for the positive health benefits associated with forest bathing—to naturally boost your overall state. Put simply: Take a deep breath and relax.

Buy It ($95)

The Nue Co.

For the One Who’s Obsessed with Skincare: Ingestible Beauty Set

First up is Skin Filter, a skincare supplement designed to improve sun damage, pigmentation, breakouts and impurities in just 60 days. Think of these little capsules as ingestible retinol, thanks to a patented blend of vitamin C, zinc, champagne grapeseed and melon. Its counterpart is Skin Hydrator, which focuses on enhancing skin health by repairing the lipid barrier. PhytoCeramides, hyaluronic acid, grass-fed hydrolyzed collagen and aloe vera work to brighten and soothe the skin from within.

Buy It ($105; $80)

The Nue Co.

For the One Who Takes Every Extra Precaution: Immunity Set

Shout out to the friends who always have a tissue to spare. We are forever grateful for you. Boost their immunity lineup with these must-haves. Defense Drops are, quite frankly, your first line of defense against getting sick. It’s an immune-boosting liquid tincture features Echinacea, which reduces the duration and severity of a cold, and adaptogens to help support normal immune function. Vitamin D is the most important vitamin to supplement your health since it supports everything from immune function to mood and muscle health. And this sublingual spray allows your body to absorb vitamin D up to 2.6 times higher than when taken in a capsule.

Buy It ($60; $45)

The Nue Co.

For the One Who’s Going Minimalist: Topical Beauty Set

Some people find their six-step morning-and-night skincare routine relaxing. Others just…don’t. Fortunately for the latter, these two products are all they’ll need in their skincare lineup. The Pill (not an actual pill) is a single daily dose of every key nutrient for the skin, so you no longer have to layer your skincare products. From complex AHAs to hyaluronic acid to the K-beauty hero of tiger grass, this serum-like product is a one-step solution for smooth, dewy and hydrated skin. To amplify the benefits, use The Tool (aka Gua Sha) to instantly depuff and tighten. The hypoallergenic stainless steel stays cool to help calm skin while the curves and notches aid in lymphatic drainage.

Buy It ($127; $95)

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