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With the sun in grounded, earthy Taurus, it’s a month for some serious soul-centering, birthday girl. But how to make the most of it? Keep on scrollin’. 

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Ditch an Obligation on the 15th

Both changemaker planet Uranus and the bold New Moon move into your sign on the 15th—making it an opportune moment to cut out an obligation that isn’t making your life better. (Is your role as cookie mom consuming all your free time? Is a toxic friend sucking up all your best energy?) You’ve got the cosmic backing to sever a tie that no longer serves you…and move on with your life.

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Say Yes to A Social Engagement On the 19th

Venus wraps up its stay in Gemini on the 19th, and the cosmic energy around partnerships is lighter and more circulatory as a result. Umm, WTF does that mean? That the odds are in your favor to meet someone special, whether that’s a new love, a professional contact or a BFF prospect. Say yes to any requests on the 19th. And if not, seek out your own plans: It could lead to a fortuitous connection.

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Commit to Something In $$ on the 29th

Here, the full moon stations in wild pony Sagittarius—making it is a day of untamable, “let’s do this” energy. Your mission? Use the space you made on the 15th...and spend money on a new passion pursuit. Vacillating about joining the gym and getting in shape? Put down a payment and make it happen. Worried your kid is still afraid of the water? Sign him up for swim lessons. At the very least, put pen to paper and write a to-do list, then have someone close to you hold you accountable.

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