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Hell, Yeah! New Study Says Cursing Makes You More Trustworthy
Mixmike/Getty Images

If you’re anything like us, you owe more than a few quarters to the swear jar (like $300 worth). An argument gets heated, your boss asks you to redo the 25-page report, you stub your toe on that damn dresser…and all of a sudden, a few four-letter words spew from your lips.

The good news about your “bad” habit? It’s helping you come across as honest to those around you, a new study from the University of Cambridge confirmed.

The study, which included 276 in-person participants and 75,000 Facebook users, found that profanity is associated with telling the truth, since offenders aren’t filtering their language and therefore not perceived as filtering their own story. 

So the next time you need to come across as sincere? Hell, go ahead and drop a few F-bombs. The damn swear jar can wait. 

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