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You don’t need a yoga retreat to achieve inner peace. Turns out, that smartphone you compulsively check email on can actually be a source of calm (who knew?). Meditation has all sorts of proven benefits, but it can be hard to pencil in time at one of Chicago’s many meditation centers. Luckily, these five apps will get you centered no matter where you are.

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For Insomniacs: Headspace

Dubbed a “gym membership for the mind,” Headspace will teach you to meditate in just ten minutes per day. The app allows you to set reminders for yourself to keep your new meditation habit regular and even has special guided meditations for specific needs, like falling asleep.

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For Busy Bees: Buddhify

Buddhify gives you guided meditations for 14 different types of activities, from walking the city to working online. This is perfect for busy people who are still looking for a dose of calm during their day-to-day life. Plus, the interface is easy to navigate and beautifully designed.

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stop breath think
Stop, Breathe & Think

For the Goal Setter: Stop, Breathe & Think

Sometimes you just need a moment to stop, breathe and think. This app sends you regular notifications, reminding you to check in with yourself periodically throughout the day to assess how you’re feeling. The app then offers meditations suited to your needs and lets you track your progress with virtual stickers. Who doesn’t love a tiny sense of accomplishment just for chilling out?

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For Newbies: Calm

It starts off with a seven-day program, easing you into a daily meditation practice and educating you along the way. If you decide you like it, you can opt in to a subscription and take part in a 21-day program.

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take a break
Take a Break!

For Workaholics: Take a Break!

We could all use a reminder to take a break, right? This simple and straightforward app does just that and allows you to choose between shorter and longer meditation options. Its uncluttered interface makes it a pleasure to use, perfect for the gal who doesn’t need a ton of bells and whistles with her moment of Zen.

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