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Congrats, you and your dearest survived the holidays without anybody telling off anybody else’s mother-in-law, or storming off after a (totally unfair) game of Yahtzee. But now it’s January, time to take stock of where you stand and figure out how to make the most of your relationship in 2018. Here are some good ways to get started.

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Have a Money Convo

There’s a reason so many New Year's resolutions have to do with cutting back on costs. But your fiscal goals can only go so far if they don’t involve your partner. Sit down together to talk about your 2018 financial dreams (lake house getaway!), collective burdens (childcare going up $100 per week, yuck) and how you can work together to get where you want to be (say, by cutting back on your entertainment budget or moving your savings into a high interest account).

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Swap Chores

Since the beginning of time, you’ve done the dishes while he walks the dog. Or you plan the vacations while she plans the nightly dinners. This January, switch things up. Not only will it give you an opportunity to inject new life into things (fajitas!), it’ll give you both an appreciation for what the other one does, and a chance to see how you can work better together as a team.

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Start a Two-Person Book (or Article) Club

Maybe you resolved to finally read Middlemarch. Maybe you want to better understand the news. Bring your spouse into your quest by vowing to both read the same book or article, then talking about it together over dinner. Related: Hire a babysitter and go out to dinner.

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Schedule Sex

We get it: You’re busy and tired and season two of The Crown is, like, so good. But if you’re not making a concerted effort to get frisky, you’re putting your relationship at risk (and, um, selling yourself seriously short). You don’t have to plan it down to the minute, but make a pact to have sex at specific times (say, any time the kids’ naps overlap) or on a certain evening when neither one of you has work to finish up. The Crown will still be there, promise.

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