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Raise your hand if you’ve been personally faulted for having only 24 hours in a day to get everything done. Yeah—us, too. In an effort to maximize our time (and quit running around like a madwoman), we’re attempting to streamline our daily routine. Here are eight tricks to get us all started.

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Get Your Skin-Care Regimen in Formation

Instead of wasting precious time searching for the serum bottle instead of the toner, line up all of your skin-care products on your vanity in the order you use them. Start with face cleanser followed by toner, serum and so on. Look, you just shaved one minute off your routine (which means one more minute to sit and savor your Nespresso).

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Laura Wing-Kamoosi

Maximize Your Accessories

If you can transform your kitten eyeliner into a seductive cat eye in one fell swoop, you should be able to do the same with your accessories. The interchangeable strap that comes with the Shine watch collection by RAYMOND WEIL requires only a quick switch to deliver just the right amount of oomphwhether you’re deep in an Excel sheet or sipping on a happy-hour cocktail.

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Create Your Own Capsule Collection

OK, we won’t lie to you, this one involves a little bit of time and effort to set up, but it’s life-changing once you do. Create a capsule collection (i.e., a mini wardrobe of versatile pieces) by narrowing down your current wardrobe to a cool 40 pieces. For instance, 15 tops, ten bottoms, nine pairs of shoes, four dresses and two coats or jackets. Feel free to adjust the numbers according to your needs. Once you’ve pared down your outfit choices, getting out the door on time will be a breeze. We bet you’ll never look back.

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Have Someone Read the News for You

Don’t let yourself fall behind in current events because you don’t have time to sit and read the paper every morning. Instead, simply download a daily news podcast that delivers all the day’s updates right to your headphones. Interested in politics? Listen to Decode DC. Need to stay up to date on your investments? Try Stacking Benjamins. Want some feel-good news to spread around the office? Check out Good News Shared. Plug in while walking to work, driving in the car or sitting at your desk (just don’t tell your boss).

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Automate Anything (And Everything) You Can

“Honey, did you forget to buy toilet paper… again?” Before you’re forced to interrupt a binge session of Westworld to run out for the essentials, sign yourself up for automatic deliveries and save up to 15 percent on household must-haves like laundry detergent and toothpaste. (We’re huge fans of a Morgans subscription for chic-as-heck toiletries.)

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Store Items Where You Use Them

What use is a countertop spray or glass cleaner that’s kept under your kitchen sink if the mess is upstairs in your master bathroom? Save time by buying multiple bottles of cleaner and stashing them around the house in easy-to-access spots.

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Have a Donation Bin on Hand

Eliminate clutter before it has the chance to take on a life of its own by keeping a donation bin handy. Bought a blouse three months ago and still haven’t removed the tags? Toss it into the bin. Same goes for old toys and books. Once the bin is full, simply bag everything up, drop it off at a donation center and then start the process all over again.

set curfew

Get Enough Shut-Eye

How can you expect yourself to be productive if you were up all night watching dog videos (again)? The key to a streamlined routine is focus and efficiency, which all stems from your sleeping patterns. Ensure you get a full night’s rest by going to bed at a reasonable time. Make use of your iPhone’s Bedtime feature, which will notify you when it’s time to turn in based on how many hours of sleep you require.

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