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Sound Healing Is Like Savasana, but with Singing Bowls (and It’s Truly Awesome)
Allison McCarthy

All you have to do is bring a yoga mat and some blankets. You’ll be offered a warm drink of cacao to “open your heart space.” Then you lie down, close your eyes and let the sounds wash over you. Ahhhh.

Yep, sound healing has come to the Bay Area, and we don’t hate it. Sure, you’ll hear words tossed around like “harmonic awakening,” but don’t let the buzzwords of the Bay Area’s spiritually awakened discourage you.

So, what the hell is sound healing? It’s an ancient practice that uses Tibetan instruments (think gongs, singing bowls and tuning forks) to bring you into a deep state of inner calm. The experience can reduce stress—yes, scientifically speaking—and provide overall peace of mind.

I don’t really meditate, so is this for me? It’s the kind of approachable exercise that doesn’t feel too crunchy or intimidating. In fact, sound healing is actually a more accessible form of meditation for those of us who may have some, er, trouble sitting still and being silent for an entire hour. We walked out feeling light, peaceful and thoroughly relaxed—and we definitely can’t complain about that.

Cool, so where can I do it? The SoMa club and experiential space Halcyon SF launched a weekly series of night classes called Resonate—Sound Heals. It might seem a little weird to go to a club to rejuvenate, but hear us out. The one-hour musical classes, which run through the end of July, are like meditation meets yoga, or shall we say, savasana with singing bowls...and gongs, chimes, bells, drums, rain sticks and chanting to cleanse the mind and body. The music does all the legwork, sending you into a deeply restorative sleep state.

7:30 to 8:30 p.m., every Thursday through the end of July; $20 per class; 314 11th St.; 415-890-4828 or

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