With the exception of maybe a cranky toddler, nobody would debate the benefits of quality rest. But unfortunately for many of us, wanting more sleep and getting more sleep are far from the same. And while insomnia can have many causes (some of which are medical), it’s reassuring to hear when a restless sleeper finally finds her secret weapon for blissful slumber. Here's what products helped seven real, recovering insomniacs get better sleep.

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1. Marpac Dohm Connect White Noise Machine

One sleeper swears by this white noise machine so much that she bought the travel version so she never has to spend a night without it. It lets you adjust not only the volume of the sound but also the tone—so you can tailor it to a higher or lower pitched frequency depending on your preference.

$70 $60 on Amazon


2. Buffy the Cloud Comforter

Aside from being uber-fluffy and soft to the touch, this comforter—made from eucalyptus fabric and recycled fill—is naturally temperature regulating, and several respondents confirmed that it keeps the dreaded night sweats at bay. Bonus: It’s also more eco-friendly than standard bedding.

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Simple Habit

3. Simple Habit

A former night owl—whose biggest roadblock to snoozetown was that her mind wouldn’t stop racing—finally managed to chill out with this app. It has more than 2,000 guided meditations, which include options not only for sleep but for work anxiety, grief and myriad other scenarios.

Free on iOS and Android


4. Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask

Silk is touted for its overnight beauty benefits (see also: pillowcases), but its supersoft feel also makes the most comfortable mask out there. One respondent loves how Slip’s version fully blocks out light without smooshing your face or leaving a hair indent.

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standard Dose

5. Mineral Sleep Tincture

If you dabble in hemp, you probably know about the ingredient’s anxiety-easing properties. This super-concentrated tincture packs a whopping 50 milligrams per dropper, a dose that even a regular CBD user says helps her drift right off.

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6. Homasy Cool Mist Humidifier

If you’re often awoken by an irritating cough—especially in the winter months—a humidifier might be the key to uninterrupted slumber. One sleeper prone to sinus issues found that the increased moisture in the air all but cleared up her nighttime gripes and left her skin feeling more hydrated to boot.

$40 on Amazon


7. Bearaby Velvet Napper

Yes, weighted blankets are trendy, but there are actual studies that back up the hype: The gentle pressure can calm your nervous system and reduce anxiety. We got rave reviews about this braided velvet version, which looks chicer than many of its counterparts.

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