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Confirmed: People Who Are the Happiest at Work Have the Most Sex

You’ll often hear people tell you to never to bring work home. But what about bringing home to work? Specifically, bringing the bedroom to the office? 

No, we’re not suggesting you get it on with Keith, the copy-room guy. We’re suggesting you get your needs met (by your significant other, in your home, at night) if you want to do better at work the next day. Or at least a new study is saying so.

The Journal of Management recently conducted research with 159 employed married couples who kept a thrice-daily diary for two weeks. And the results clearly showed that people tend to love their jobs more and do better at them if they’ve had sex the night before (and revved up those stress-relief hormones). Now, if you’re thinking, Yeah, duh, sex makes people happy, you might find it interesting that this is the first-known study to confirm and apply that long-held belief directly to career performance.

So if you’ve had your eye on a promotion lately, light some candles and fire up that old Sade CD. 

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