9 Secrets of Women Who Exercise Every Day

Sometimes it’s difficult to get to the gym—like, two days in a row, let alone seven. But there are women who work out every single day and still seem pretty jazzed about it. So we had to wonder: How? Here, nine secrets of these endorphin-filled ladies.



They started small
If you’re not currently working out consistently, don’t expect to hop right in without feeling sorer than you thought was possible. Instead, start small and work your way up to exercising every day. Soon enough you’ll be so used to it that you’ll almost forget about a time when you didn’t have to do laundry twice a week just for workout clothes.

They aren’t afraid to ask for help
Just when you start sticking to a more consistent gym schedule, you throw your back out doing squats with less-than-perfect form. Now you're sidelined for weeks. Women who exercise every day know that improper form is a surefire way to get injured, so they make absolutely sure they’re doing everything right. In a group class, ask the instructor to watch you and if you’re in a gym, try to coax a personal trainer into spot-checking your form.

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They plan ahead (but allow for wiggle room)
When it comes to a consistent exercise plan, preparation is everything. At the beginning of each week (say, Sunday night), take a look at your schedule for the week and map out your workouts. Whether that means blocking off an hour for the gym or signing up for group fitness classes, you’ll be way more likely to stick to a routine if it’s on your calendar days in advance. That said, don’t beat yourself up if your schedule is out of control and you have to skip a session.

They love their workout clothes
By now we’ve established that the clothes we wear and how we present ourselves are linked pretty closely with how confident we feel. The same goes for workout attire, and women who get their butts to the gym every day recognize that. Whether it’s a pair of supremely cool leggings branded with their initials or a bonkers pair of sneaks, wearing an ensemble that makes you feel like you can kick ass makes it a whole lot easier to actually kick ass.

They try new things
Spin class is awesome; we love it. But do we want to do it every day for the rest of our lives? Not a chance. That’s why variety is so important for women who exercise consistently. Trying a different machine at the gym or a new class is a great way to mix up your routine so you don’t get bored.

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They don’t go all out every day
Working out intensely seven days a week is not only tiring, it could be dangerous. Your body needs time to recover, which is why it’s essential to set aside days for light, restorative workouts like slow-flow yoga or even a long, brisk walk. Women who work out every day don’t see these lighter days as being any less important, but instead recognize that they’re necessary.

And they don’t beat themselves up if they miss a day
We get it, life happens. Sometimes you don’t have any time to work out or you just really aren’t feeling it (or you’re really sick, of course). Those days, it’s totally fine not to exercise, as long as you get back in the groove soon.

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They set goals (no matter how small)
It’s a whole lot easier to make it to the gym every day if there’s something you’re working for. Whether that’s training for a half marathon or being able to jump rope for five minutes straight without stopping or even showing your ex-boyfriend what he’s missing at your reunion next month, goals are the ultimate motivator when it comes to sweating every single day.

They just do it
Trust us, even women who work out every day occasionally just don’t want to do it. The difference is, they power through and get in a workout, no matter how quick. The key is to remind yourself how great you feel afterward. Eventually the promise of feeling accomplished and strong will become so ingrained that you’ll be able to fight off the feeling of not wanting to go with almost no effort.

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