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Why Science Says Youre More Likely to Get Divorced at the End of August
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Ever wondered why you see your couple friends on Instagram relaxing and snapping selfies at the beach, only to call it quits right after? A recent study may have an explanation.

According to researchers at the University of Washington, married couples are more likely to file for divorce at the end of a stretch of vacation—like winter and summer, or March and August to be exact. 

Here’s why: People tend to go into holiday periods with expectations that quality time is the answer to whatever relationship problems they may be having. But when they can’t find a fix—and vacation doesn’t meet those expectations—they return disappointed and ready for divorce.

As for the March/August timing, couples need time to hire an attorney and get their finances in order (which is why there’s an uptick in March), but they move quicker in August, since most couples want to set divorce in motion before the school year starts (for the best interest of their kids). 

Scientific proof that to every thing there is a season.

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