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Aging is a tricky thing. You don’t want to do anything that could jeopardize your joints, muscles, heart, you name it. But where do you draw the line between staying physically active and pushing yourself too hard?

Case in point: your knees. Should you give up running, on the grounds that it might be damaging your cartilage? The answer is no.

The studies show that regular runners actually experience less long-term damage to their knee joints than non-runners. Even though running generates more force (and burden on your knees) than walking, you pound the pavement less frequently when running because your strides are longer. So, as long as your knees are healthy to begin with, running doesn’t significantly increase your chances of developing arthritis.

In fact, regular runners actually experienced less knee pain over time. This is partially because running keeps you super fit (meaning you are likely to carry less excess weight). And a regular running regimen typically leads to better overall muscle strength. Myth busted.

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